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Letter of the Week- Letter L


Last week Hailey learned all about the letter L.  Here are the activities that we did:

Hailey made this L shaped Lion from Totally Tots.

Hailey made these ladybugs using her finger print.  She then added some dots and antenna.

She completed this letter hunt worksheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

One of Hailey’s favorite things to do is play on Starfall.  She did the letter L activities and reviewed the other letters she has learned.  Then she played some of the other games.  She does so well navigating her way around the site.

Hailey used her do-a-dot markers to do this letter l page from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

For each letter we do Hailey colors vocabulary words, cuts them out, glues them onto index cards and we turn it into a little book.

Hailey glued the letters we have done so far with RRSP onto a piece of cardstock.  Then to review all of the letters we sang this song to the tune of “Do You Know the Muffin Man?”
Oh do you see the letter [L]
the letter [L]
the letter [L]
Oh do you see the letter [L]
it says [lll lll lll]

Oh yes I see the letter [L]
the letter [L]
the letter [L]
Oh yes I see the letter [L]
it says [lll lll lll]

I am really working on getting Hailey to be able match her lowercase letters with the uppercase.  She loved this matching puzzle from Homeschool Creations.

This is also from Homeschool Creations- and Hailey enjoys forming her letters using playdough on these printables.

We are also doing RRSP.  Here are the activities Hailey did from there:

Here is the verse of the week for the letter L.  I didn’t really think Hailey would be able to memorize this verse, I thought it was too long.  But she really shocked me and learned it very quickly!

Hailey pointing to her letter L vocab words as I called them out.

Hailey enjoys this part of the power point the most- she wants to be able to guess which word will be coming up next.

Doing some letter L writing.

Reading her “I See” book and pointing to “see” which was her sight word of the week.

Hailey had to cut her verse and then tape it together.

She was excited to see that her verse was as tall as she is.

Working on her candle craft that she had to color, cut out and glue.

Other stuff:

Practicing shapes with printables from 1+1+1=1.

Doing a page for the number 5 in her Disney workbook.

Playing with puzzles to practice colors and shapes.

Letter of the Week- Letter K


Our letter last week was the letter K.  Here are some of the activities we did with the letter K:

Hailey made a K is for Kangaroo that I saw on Totally Tots.

Using the Hershey Kiss she made for Valentine’s Day, Hailey did a K is for Kiss.

I started using Raising Rock Stars Preschool curriculum a few weeks ago and Hailey has been doing great with it!  Here are some of our RRSP activities for the letter K.

We start our week out with the memory verse.  Hailey enjoyed coloring it.

Hailey cut out her letter K vocabulary words.

This was the first week we used the power point part of RRSP and Hailey loved it!!  Here she is pointing to her sight word for the week- “your.”

Hailey practicing writing her the letter K.

Hailey working on her craft to go along with her verse.

Other things we did:

Hailey enjoyed her playdough mat using a printable from Homeschool Creations.

She did the letter K activities on Starfall.

Hailey colored and cut out letter K vocabulary words and turned them into a letter K book.

And here is a little math work in one of her Disney workbooks.

Letter of the Week Letter D


Last week our letter of the week was D.  Here are some of the activities we did through out the week:

Hailey made a “D is for Dog.”  It’s a Dalmatian with dots.

Hailey told me that since Daddy starts with a D she thought we should make a “daddy.”  So, I had her make a shape Daddy.

Hailey read her D book and practiced her D words.

Practicing writing Ds in her princess workbook.

Hailey wanted to practice writing her Ds again on another day, so here she is doing some more Ds.

This is a Letter Hunt story from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  We read the story and then Hailey had to find all of the Ds.

Another letter D hunt.

The rest of these activities are from the 1+1+1=1 Raising Rock Stars curriculum.

More practice writing the letter D.

Hailey with her verse for the week.  It was so cute hearing her say “complaining or disputing.”

Hailey had to come up with some things that she could say when she is told to do something that would not be complaining or disputing.  Here she is putting together her craft using the phrases she came up with.

Hailey reading her book with the sight word “all.”

See more of our previous letter D activities.

abc button

Letter of the Week Letter I


Last week our letter was I.  Hailey was really sick last week and we didn’t get to all of our letter I activities.  Here are the ones we were able to do:

Hailey colored her letter I words that we glue onto index cards and turn into a book (we do this for each letter).  After she finished cutting them out she asked for some blank paper so that she could write all of her words down.  She really enjoys writing.

The rest of her letter I activities are from the Raising Rock Stars Preschool curriculum.

She colored her verse for the week.

She was very proud of how well she stayed in the lines.  I was too!  It’s amazing how well she can do when she doesn’t try to rush.

Then she colored her strong man.

She cut him out and glued him on a piece of construction paper.

She even added some hair.

Here is the finished strong man with her verse for the week.

Hailey practiced writing the letter I.  She loves to write letters!

Then she read the “I Can” book.  She loves books like this because she can figure out how to read them all by herself.

That’s it for the letter I.  Here’s a couple other letter I activities we did in the past.  Hailey is feeling much better this week so our letter of the week post for next week should have more activities.

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