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The Bear Snores On


A fun book for winter time is The Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson.  Hunter is very scared of bears, so I wasn’t sure if we should do this book or not.  But, I decided to try it and see if it might help him not to be so scared of bears.  He ended up loving this book!  He asked to hear it over and over again.


Here are the activities we did to go along with the book:


We made a picture of a bear in a cave.


Hailey wanted to make one too.


The finished pictures.


In the book the animals make a snack-  so we did too.  We had some popcorn and some yummy chocolate covered nuts.  We found The Bear Snores On on YouTube, so Hailey and Hunter watched it while they ate their snack.


We made a bear cave.  Hailey and Hunter painted a shoe box brown and then glued cotton on it.


Hunter learned what hibernating means and put a bear in the cave so that he could hibernate.


We made a bigger cave too using furniture and a blanket.  Hunter liked hanging out in the cave throughout the week.  He loved watching The Bear Snores On, so he gathered up some stuffed bears and took them into the cave to watch it with him.

 It was a fun week of activities!

Where do Animals Live in the Winter


As a wrap up to learning about where animals live in the winter I thought it would be fun to make a poster that I found at Fun4Kids.

Hailey colored several different animals.

Then she glued various pieces onto the poster- a cave, tree, burrows, rocks, etc.

Then we talked about (reviewed) where each animal lives during the winter and Hailey glued  the animals to the correct places.

Then Hailey added some snow (cotton).

Once it was dry I added the words.

Then we talked about how Polar Bears stay warm during the winter even though they live where there is snow.

First Hailey put her bare hand in the snow- and decided it felt pretty cold.

Then she put on a “blubber glove.”  I had 2 ziploc bags.  In one bag I put Crisco.  Then the 2nd bag I turned inside out and put inside the first bag so that the Crisco wouldn’t get all over Hailey’s hand.

Hailey put her hand back in the snow and thought it was pretty neat that it no longer felt cold.

Hibernating Bear


Since we have been learning about animals in the winter we just had to make a cave for a hibernating bear!

Hailey painted a shoebox brown.

Then she ripped apart brown paper.

Then we glued the brown paper all around the cave.

Lastly she glued some cotton on the top for snow.

Shhhhh…. there’s a bear sleeping in there!

Then we made a cave in Hailey’s playroom and she hibernated for a little while with her stuffed bear.

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More Animals in the Winter


We continued learning about what animals do in the winter with this printable from Isty Bitsy Learners.  Hailey had to cut out 9 different pictures…

…then she had to sort them based on whether the animal hibernates, migrates or adapts.

Then we talked about squirrels do in the winter.

Hailey colored a squirrel.

Then made him a nest to keep him warm all winter.

Hailey’s finished squirrel in the winter.

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