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Caterpillars and Butterflies


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Here is a cute caterpillar made with an egg carton.

We made a butterfly sun catcher.

We made butterflies out of coffee filters.

That is just a quick sampling of what we did- you can find lots more butterfly and caterpillar activities here.

Pretty Butterfly


One last craft that Hailey did at VBS… this cute butterfly- the wings are a ziploc baggie with Trix inside.  So cute!!

Lovelable Caterpillar


Another adorable craft that Hailey made at VBS.  They made the cutest things!!

Spotted Butterfly


Hailey made this very simple butterfly and it came out cute.

She painted circles onto a butterfly shape.

Then we used a hole puncher to punch out different colored circles.  She added those to the butterfly and then added some antenna.  (She mixed glue into the paint so that the little circles would stick.)

The finished butterfly

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