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Proud to Be an American


Here is a simple craft that can be used for pretty much any age.  If the child is younger you can write down what he/she dictates.

Hailey has been learning about the 4th of July and why we celebrate it, so we talked about why we are proud to be Americans and what our freedom means.

Hailey drew a picture of herself and colored a patriotic hat.  She wrote “I’m proud to be an American because I can have fun with my family.”

Fourth of July Headband


Continuing with our 4th of July activities, Hailey made a headband.

First I printed 2 maps of the US.  Then I cut out a star shape from card stock.

Hailey put the card stock shaped star onto the map and painted red around the outside of the star.  She made 4 stars.

Once the stars were dry she cut them out.

Then she glued the stars onto blue construction paper and we stapled it to make a headband.

Hailey modeling her completed headband.



Hailey has been learning about the 4th of July and what the celebration is all about.  Today she made some fireworks.

First we folded a piece of construction paper in half.

Then she used a leaf and stamped red, white and blue paint onto half of the paper.

Then she folded the other half over to make a impression of the paint and opened it up.  Lastly, she sprinkled it with a little glitter.

The finished fireworks.

Summer Plans


Summer vacation has officially started and Hailey has plans of keeping busy by doing school work all summer.  So, to keep her busy and happy I have made some plans for this summer.  Today was our first day- and while she wants to work all day long, I told her we would do school work in the morning and she would spend the afternoon playing and relaxing.

Here are a couple of things we did today:

Since I do not have a place to put a word wall, we made a word folder.  We have sight words, color words, number words and days of the week in here.  We’ll be adding more sight words throughout the summer.

We also made a schedule today of what we will do each morning.  For art time Hailey drew pictures to go with our schedule.

For the most part I will just be posting the different art activities that we do.  Since Hailey is home and I actually have someone to do crafts with hopefully I’ll be posting more than once a week!

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