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Caterpillar Craft


We have been so busy trying to prepare to move that doing crafts has been pushed to the side.  Last week while we were staying with my parents looking for a house my mom watched Hailey us for us so we could go house hunting.  One afternoon while we were out looking we came back to find this adorable craft my mom made with Hailey.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

To make it- you take an egg carton (3 sections) and cover it using watered down glue and tissue paper.  Then add pipe cleaners and a picture of your little cutie.

Letter of the Week- Letter A


Last week was our first official week of Tot School.  I have been doing crafts and learning activities with Hailey for a while but I decided that with the new school year I would start doing Tot School with her- which is basically just like pre-school except on a 2 year old level.  I am going to break up our activities we do by category when I post about them- for example today I am going to share with you all of our letter activities we did last week.  Then on the other days I will share with you our activities related to our theme, number, shape, color and Bible story.

So, our letter last week was the letter A- here are some of the activities I did with Hailey to help her learn the letter A.

On the first day we colored this Letter A Template.  Hailey wasn’t feeling very well and I ended up doing most of the coloring.

Then I glued the A onto a piece of construction paper.  The letter of the week paper will hang on our refrigerator all week since that it a high traffic area and I want Hailey to see it as often as possible.

For our next letter A activity- you will need a large A on a piece of construction paper, another piece of construction paper, red paint and an apple cut in half.

Dip the apple in the red paint and stamp it onto the letter A.

Cut the A out and glue onto a different color piece of construction paper.  This also hangs on our refrigerator.

We also made this Letter A Book.

We played a hide the letter A game as well.  I have a lot of felt and foam letters so I hid several A’s around our living room.  Here is Hailey finding one of the A’s in the trunk of her car.

We also did the Letter A activities on the Star Fall website which was one of Hailey’s favorite activities.

Lastly, we made this really cute ant- I saw the idea for this over at No Time for Flashcards.

Here’s what you’ll need: black paint (I don’t have black, so I mixed these colors together to try to get a dark color), paint brush, 2 pipe cleaners, scissors, 1 section of egg carton that is three pieces long and 1 section that is just one piece, and wiggle eyes (I used black and white construction paper to make the eyes because our last project that had wiggle eyes on them- Hailey pulled them off and tried to eat them, so we aren’t ready for wiggle eyes yet)

Paint the egg carton.  Why yes, Hailey did eat some paint- how could you tell?

After the paint had dried- cut two holes in the top of the 1 piece of egg carton and thread pipe cleaner through to create antenna.  Then add your eyes to that piece.  Cut holes in the three piece section of egg carton to thread pipe cleaner through for the legs.  Then glue the head piece right on top of the first section.

Here is the finished ant.

Caterpillar Fun


We have five caterpillars right now that we are watching turn into butterflies.  They are currently in the chrysalis stage and it is so fascinating to watch.  So, we have been doing a bunch of caterpillar activities and will be starting to do some butterfly projects too.  For the next few days I’ll be sharing some of the caterpillar fun we’ve been having.

Here’s what you’ll need: half of an egg carton, paper bowls, paint, paint brushes and pipe cleaner.

Paint the egg carton.  And if you’re a toddler have a little taste of the paint.  Apparently the blue is good.

Cover the entire egg carton with paint and then let it dry.

After it dries- poke two holes in the top to thread your pipe cleaner through- then curl the ends to look like antenna.  Add eyes, nose and mouth.

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