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Where Did the Year Go?


I can not believe that this school year is already over!  This year absolutely flew by!!  We had a good year though and now we’re enjoying our summer vacation.

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Hailey on her last day of 3rd grade.

Our Crafts N Things

Hunter on his last day of preschool.

Our Crafts N Things

Oh what a difference a school year makes.  My babies are growing up too fast!

I haven’t finished posting about our school activities, plus we’re doing some fun things this summer too, so I’ll still be posting this summer :-)

Crazy Hair Day


During the last month of our homeschool co-op we did a different fun thing for spirit month each week.  One of our favorite weeks was crazy hair week.  Our homeschool co-op is on summer break right now, but since I never shared these pictures I wanted to share them now.

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Hailey’s crazy hair.
Our original plan was to use pipe cleaner and put a braid around the pipe cleaner so that the braids would stick out.  But, when I tried to do it, her hair was just too long and heavy to stay up.

Our Crafts N Things

Hunter’s crazy hair.
All morning while we were getting ready for co-op Hunter said he was not going to have crazy hair.  As we were getting ready to walk out the door he decided he wanted to do it too.

Our Crafts N Things

Harper’s crazy hair.

It was such a fun day!!

Merry Christmas!


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