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World’s Best Dad


Here is a cute project that Hailey made for Father’s Day

As a note- I used acrylic paint to do the hand prints.  While it is harder to wash off, it makes a much better and longer lasting hand print.

Father’s Day Poem


This was the gift that Hailey made last year in her pre-k class for Father’s Day.

(The right hand corner doesn’t really look like that, I just blocked out our last name.)

A Couple More Mother’s Day Crafts


I know Mother’s Day is over… but these are two gifts from this year.  So I figured I’d post them and you can use them next year.

Hailey made this one for me at school.  She decorated the pot- used her finger tips to make the flower.  Then she cut out 2 flower shapes and used her own picture as the middle of the flower.  I love it and she was so proud of it!!

Hailey and Hunter made this one together.  Hailey decorated the flower pot.  Then I cut out their hand prints and made them into flowers in the pot.

Both of these have styrofoam in them to keep the flowers standing up.

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!!

Flowers For Mom


Mother’s Day Flowers

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