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Father’s Day Poem


I found a really cute poem on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect to use for Hunter to give to my dad for Father’s Day.  Hunter sure does love his Pa, so I wanted to use the perfect poem.  I printed the poem and then let Hunter do some coloring on it, then I added his handprints and glued it onto some scrapbook paper.

Father's Day Handprint Poem

Here is what the poem says:
I like to walk
with Pa…
He takes his
time you see
His steps are
little just
like mine;
He stops and
waits for me.

He lets me ask
him questions
He lets me hold
his hand.
He makes me
feel 10 feet tall
And I think that
he is grand.

He says there’s
no one like me
And gold is
what I’m worth.
When I get to
walk with
I’m the luckiest
kid on earth!
Patty Gaut

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Father’s Day Handprint Craft


I saw this cute idea on Pinterest for Father’s Day, and decided that Hailey and Hunter would make this for Rich this year.

Father's Day Craft

First Hailey and Hunter both painted a piece of card stock using water colors.

Then I did their handprints using acrylic paint… it’s a pain to wash off their hands but it just works better than tempra paint.

Then around their hand prints I wrote, “Thank you for always being there to hold my hand.”

Then we glued them onto their water colored card stock:

Father's Day Handprint Craft

Father's Day Handprint Craft

Super cute 🙂

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Father’s Day Interview


A couple of years ago Hailey did a Father’s Day Interview for my dad on Father’s Day.  My dad mentioned that he would like to have another one to see what her new answers would be.  So, we used the same questions and did an interview again.  When she did this 2 years ago I just typed up all the answers.  Now that she is old enough to write, she wrote out her answers, which I think adds to the cuteness.

Father's Day Interview

Our interview questions say:

I really love it when my Pa…
My Pa likes to wear…
My Pa always…
The best thing he does is…
It makes him happy when…
My Pa likes to relax by…
I like when he…
What is your favorite thing about Pa?
What does Pa like to eat?
What does Pa like to do in his free time?
My Pa’s favorite thing to watch on TV is…
If he could go on a trip he would go to…
What do you do at Pa’s house that you can’t do anywhere else?
I love my Pa because…
What does Pa do to show you that he loves you?

I had her write her answers (in pencil, so we could fix mistakes without any frustration) and draw her pictures on a piece of regular paper.  When she was done I copied it onto card stock so that it won’t fade or smear over time.  Then she picked out a piece of scrapbook paper and glued her interview questions onto the scrapbook paper.

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Father’s Day Pen Holder


I know Father’s Day is over, but I wanted to share what Hailey made this year:

We took a can with no sharp edges and washed it.  Hailey painted using water colors on a piece of paper and we glued that to the can.  She added the #1 DAD and a picture of her and Hunter.  Rich can use it to keep his pens and pencils in.

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