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All About Me- Week 2


Our theme again last week was All About Me.  We did a couple of projects:

We made an All About Me book.

Here is Hailey gluing some pieces on the “I know these colors…” page.

The All About Me book turned out really cute.  There is a page with Hailey’s picture on it, one with her family, one of her favorite animals, favorite foods, favorite color, one with the colors she knows, one with the letters she knows, one with her hand-prints, etc.  It turned out really nice so I covered it in contact paper so that it will last forever- I hope.

We did a sorting game with Mr. Potato Head’s body parts.  This is the first time I’ve ever done a sorting activity like this and Hailey caught right on and did great.

All of the body parts sorted.

All About Me


Our theme last week was All About Me.  We only did one art activity for this theme and it was really simple.

All you need is some markers and crayons as well as poster board or the inside or a large piece of wrapping paper.  If I had thought of it ahead of time we would have just used the inside of wrapping paper as it would have been cheaper than buying poster board.

Trace your child’s body on to the paper.  Then decorate it.

This is hanging up in Hailey’s playroom and she adds a little bit to it each day.  I’m still working on labeling all of the various body parts.  I also plan to take a picture of her and print out a large face to glue on.  She was sick last week and would not cooperate for a picture.  So, I still need to do that and then I’ll add that on.

We also sang a lot songs like “The Wiggle In My Toe,” “Head and Shoulders,” “The Hokey Pokey” and others that have various body part names in them.

We read a lot of books that related to the All About Me theme and body parts.  This one was Hailey’s favorite and we have read it over and over again.

Me and My Amazing Body by Joan Sweeney

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