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Tot School


Hunter is 24 months old.

We took a couple of weeks off of Tot School for Christmas vacation and last week was our first week back to school.  It was a crazy week though and we didn’t get a whole lot done.  We had 2 snow days (when the public schools are closed for a snow day, we take the day off too!) and doctor’s appointments and just an overall crazy week.

Tot School

We started learning all about penguins. Hunter is looking over his Scholastic reader about penguins.

Tot School

Hunter’s letter this week was I.  He used the printables from Royal Baloo and colored an ice cream truck.

Tot School

He found the letter I on his ABC wall.

Tot School

Hunter glued ice cream trucks onto the letter I.

Tot School

He also made an I is for Icicle.  Hailey has the movie Frozen on her mind, and it was super freezing outside, so she thought of making the I is for icicle.

Tot School

The completed I for Icicle.

Tot School

I thought Hunter would like this little Disappearing Snowman Cookies poem, but he wasn’t very interested in it.

I’m hoping for a better, more regular week this week!

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Letter of the Week Letter I


Last week our letter was I.  Hailey was really sick last week and we didn’t get to all of our letter I activities.  Here are the ones we were able to do:

Hailey colored her letter I words that we glue onto index cards and turn into a book (we do this for each letter).  After she finished cutting them out she asked for some blank paper so that she could write all of her words down.  She really enjoys writing.

The rest of her letter I activities are from the Raising Rock Stars Preschool curriculum.

She colored her verse for the week.

She was very proud of how well she stayed in the lines.  I was too!  It’s amazing how well she can do when she doesn’t try to rush.

Then she colored her strong man.

She cut him out and glued him on a piece of construction paper.

She even added some hair.

Here is the finished strong man with her verse for the week.

Hailey practiced writing the letter I.  She loves to write letters!

Then she read the “I Can” book.  She loves books like this because she can figure out how to read them all by herself.

That’s it for the letter I.  Here’s a couple other letter I activities we did in the past.  Hailey is feeling much better this week so our letter of the week post for next week should have more activities.

Letter of the Week- Letter I


For the letter I, Hailey did decorate the usual letter template, but I must have forgotten to take a picture of it.  So, here is a link to it just in case you need to print it- Letter I.

For our alphabet book, Hailey made an igloo that I saw over at Homeschool Creations.  She glued a bunch of rectangles onto her paper and then painted some snow onto the bottom.

Ii is for Igloo.

Letter of the Week- Letter I


This week we are focusing on the letter I.  For our art project we made an Ice Cream Cone I- an idea I found at No Time for Flashcards.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Here’s what you’ll need: a few pieces of construction paper, a large I, crayons and glue.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

I drew some diamonds on the I to make it look like the cone and then Hailey colored it.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Cut out the ice cream.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Color the ice cream.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Glue everything together.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

The finished Ice Cream Cone I.

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