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Who Built the Ark?


We are still learning about Noah.  Most of our activities revolve around reading the story and playing with the Noah’s ark toy that I posted about last week.

We have been working on Hailey’s memory verse- God will keep His promise.  Hebrews 11:11

We also did some more work on the rainbow and talked about God’s promise.

Hailey adding some orange to the rainbow.

We also added the yellow and green last week.

I had another activity planned for our Noah theme, but we never got around to doing it.  We were going to do a “Float Vs. Sink” chart and set up a tub of water on the kitchen floor (with towels underneath it).  Then add various items to the water to see if they would sink or float- then put them on our chart in the correct column.  We ran out of time and never did do this activity, but it is a fun idea if you need any Noah ideas.

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Noah Activities


Our Bible theme this month is the story of Noah.  Everyday we read and talk about the story.

Hailey is playing with her ark and the animals.  We sorted the animals together so that there were 2 of each kind and then Hailey put them on the ark with Noah.  (She calls Noah “Ho, Ho” because he looks like Santa…)

We’ve been talking about how the rainbow was God’s promise so we we started making our own rainbow.

Draw a rainbow (I did my best, I am terrible at drawing), get some scrap paper to tear up, and some glue.

We glued the red onto the rainbow.  We only did red because Hailey was pretty much just eating the glue and not really interested in doing anymore colors.  So, it was time to stop the activity.

Noah Matching Game


Our Bible theme for this month is the story of Noah.  We started out by reading the story of Noah in Hailey’s Bible.  I also have a book about Noah that we read.  I don’t particularly like the book though so if anyone has any recommendations for a good Noah book, please share.  We also started working on a new memory verse- “God will keep His promise. Hebrews 11:11.”

And then we played this matching game:

I printed out two copies of this Animal Matching Game onto card stock and covered them with contact paper.  I left one copy as a whole piece and then cut up the other one into cards.

Then Hailey matched up the animals.

Very simple and Hailey loved it!

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