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Preschool Craft for Father’s Day


A simple Father’s Day idea:

Hailey painted a picture frame with acrylic paint.  Then we picked something that he likes to do and set Hailey up doing one of Rich’s favorite activities- golfing.  I took her picture and we put it in the frame.  Then we used foam letters to write “Daddy’s Girl” on the frame.

Or you can just pick a favorite picture and write whatever you want on the frame.  So, simple and so cute!

Letter of the Week- Letter L


Hailey glued some sequence onto the Letter L template.

For Hailey’s alphabet book she made a Ladybug.  She cut out a big red circle for the body, added some spots, a head, eyes and antenna.  Then she added some green paint for grass.

Ll is for Ladybug.

Letter of the Week- Letter K


Last week our letter of the week was K.

I found tons of great downloads on Confessions of a Homeschooler– there is one of these for every letter and since Hailey loves using her Do-a-Dot Markers I thought we should give this a try for the letter K.

Hailey decorated the Letter K template using tissue paper.

For our Alphabet book Hailey made a kite.

The completed K is for Kite page for Hailey’s book.

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