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Paper Plate Apple


Here is a very simple apple craft:

We were supposed to use a paper plate but when we went to do the craft I realized that all of our paper plates were gone.  So I cut a circle out of a cardboard box and that worked just fine.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Hailey tore up a piece of red construction paper and glued it onto the “paper plate.”

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

She added two green leaves and here is our finished apple.

Seasons of the Apple tree


Our theme last week was apples- a fun theme for this time of year.  Our first activity was to learn about the different seasons of the apple tree.  The activity was supposed to be based on “The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree” by Gail Gibbons but we were all too sick to go to the library to get the book.  But if you have that book this activity is perfect to go along with it.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Hailey is working on the spring tree in this picture.  First she glued the tree onto the paper and then added green and white tissue paper to the tree.

Here are all of the seasons of the apple tree:

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

For winter just glue the tree onto the paper.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

For spring, tear up white and green tissue paper and then wad it up to look like flowers and glue on.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

For summer Hailey sponge painted the green on and then added some red pom poms for the apples.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

For fall we ripped up yellow, orange and red construction paper and glued it on.

You can make your own little book out of these pages or just leave them as is.

Letter of the Week- Letter A


We officially started back to “school” last week.  I know it’s a bit late but I wanted to wait until after our trip to Disney World to start.  So, last week was our first week.  We are going to go through the alphabet all over again.  So we started this week with the letter Aa.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

The first activity we did was to decorate the letter A.  Hailey used water colors to paint the letter A.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

We are going to make an alphabet book this year with a page for each letter.  I found this idea at Homeschool Creations.  Hailey cut out the apple shape all by herself, then ripped it in half (to make it look like it had been eaten).  Then she ripped the white rectangle and added some fingerprints for seeds.  We will use this for our Aa page in the alphabet book.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Then Hailey made fingerprint ants.  She had a hard time understanding my directions of three dots right next to each other to make the ant.  But we got a few ants out of it.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Hailey practiced writing the letter Aa on these wipe off cards.  She did pretty good tracing the letters but then she decided to color the whole card, so you can’t see where she practiced writing.

You can see other letter A activities here.

Apple Activities


This last week I worked with Hailey on apples- a very popular theme at this time of year.  I am going to be posting our activities over the next few days.  For now I wanted to remind you of the apple activities we did last year.

We went apple picking.

Hailey made this apple tree.

Hailey practiced spelling her name with apple shapes.

We made our own Apples Up on Top book based on the book by Dr. Seuss.

I’ll be back over the next few days with the activities we did last week.  Have a great weekend!

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