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Tot School


Tot School

Hunter is 13 months old.

We had a great week at Tot School this week!  We are still focusing on farm animals and learning body parts.  Hunter is starting to point to his eyes, nose and mouth when asked.  Although he usually misses his eyes and ends up pointing to the side of his head 🙂

Hunter reading a book about farm animals.  This is a Lego book and comes with pieces to build the different farm animals.

After we read the book together we built the animals and then Hunter had fun playing with them.

Hunter worked on his farm animal puzzle.

Hailey helped me make a book about feelings for Hunter.  (Actual post about the whole process here.)

Hunter LOVED the book!  He carried it around and looked at it and when he saw Hailey in the pictures he would say “Hay-Yee!”

I tried to show Hunter how much fun it would be to stack some blocks.  He wasn’t interested, and as you can see he ran away so fast he ended up being a blur… which pretty much sums up how fast he always moves hahaha.

He did hold still for a few seconds so he could taste one of the blocks, but he did not want to stack them.  Of course a couple days later when my camera wasn’t nearby he decided to practice stacking.

Hunter painted for the first time this week.  He painted with farm animals, and he had a great time.  It wasn’t too bad at all, the mess was very minimal.

He had to check out his hands when he was done, he was interested in the different colors on his hands.

We had lots of fun together this week!!  This age is so fun!!

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Book About Feelings


Hailey and I made a book about emotions for Hunter, using an idea I found at No Time for Flashcards.

First, Hailey and I came up with 10 different emotions we could use for the book.  This was actually very beneficial to her as she really had to think once we got past the basic happy and sad.

Hailey picked out some scrapbook paper to use for our book.

We used a board book that we had a duplicate of and Hailey covered each page with a decorative piece of scrapbook paper.  Then we glued her pictures into the book.

Hailey added text to our book to describe the feelings in each picture.

I covered the pages with contact paper so that the book will hopefully last a nice long time.

Hunter loved the book!!  He looks at the pages and says “Hay-yee!”

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