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There are Monsters Everywhere



Hunter loves books about monsters, so we did a fun little unit all about monsters.


We love Mercer Mayer books- so we read “There are Monsters Everywhere,” “There’s a Nightmare in my Closet,” and “There’s Something in my Attic.”

Here are some of the activities we did:


Hailey wanted to make this project with us- first you make some drops of paint on cardstock.


Then fold it in half and press down (wearing your monster pajamas, of course).


Open it up and add some eyes


These are the fun monsters Hailey and Hunter made.


Hunter had a monster snack- he knew right away it was supposed to be Mike from Monsters Inc.


When we read “There are Monsters Everywhere” the little boy in the story learns karate so he can scare the monsters off.  So, Hunter practiced his karate moves.


Hailey tried out her karate moves too.


Hunter wearing some monster feet and pretending to be a monster.


We made a little monster snack.  Hailey and Hunter put a piece of baking chocolate onto a pretzel.


Then we baked them for a few minutes, until the chocolate started to melt.  When we took them out we added a candy eye, then put them in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardened.


They aren’t very scary looking monsters, but they were yummy.


Hunter practiced his cutting to make spots for a monster craft.


The finished monster.

We had so much fun with our monster theme!!  Hunter asked to read the books everyday- they are his favorite books!

Friendly Alien


Here is a cute and easy alien we made to go along with our space theme.

Alien Craft

You’ll need construction paper, glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaner and do-a-dot markers.

Alien Craft

Decorate your alien with the do-a-dot markers.

Alien Craft

Add some pipe cleaner for arms and legs… add as many as you want- it’s an alien after all 🙂

Alien Craft

Add as many eyes as you want

Alien Craft

Our completed aliens

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Alien Puppets


We made cute aliens to go along with our space theme:

Alien Puppet

You’ll need: paper bag, glue, construction paper in a variety of colors, scissors, do-a-dot markers.

Alien Puppet

Have your child decorate the bag with do-a-dot markers (and perhaps his hands and the table too).

Alien Puppet

While the kids are working on their bags, cut out a variety of sizes of circles and some teeth.

Alien Puppet

Use the circles to decorate your alien.

Alien Puppet

Hunter’s alien on the left, Hailey’s alien on the right.

Alien Puppet

Hailey wanted me to show that she decorated the back of her alien too.

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inspiration credit: Pinterest

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