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Recycled Materials Flower Art


Hailey had an assignment for her Girl Scout troop to create something using recycled materials.  This is what we came up with:  (idea from Pinterest)

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Here’s what you’ll need: egg carton, cardboard (we used a Lego Friends box from a set that the Easter Bunny brought Hailey in her basket) and some paint.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Hailey painted the egg carton various colors to create a flower.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Once she was done painting we glued everything together.  I used a hot glue gun because with the shape of the egg carton, I didn’t think regular glue would hold.

It turned out cute 🙂



Last week for science I told Hailey she could pick anything she wanted to learn about.  I gave her this worksheet I found and she went outside to find something to pick for science.

She decided to pick a leaf.

Hailey filled out this Observing Nature worksheet about her leaf.

Page 2 of the worksheet.

We also had an Observe a Leaf worksheet which Hailey filled out and then did a leaf rubbing.

Hailey had to answer several questions about her leaf, including how many inches long it was.

We also talked about the different parts of a leaf and started a science journal so she can keep track of what she does this summer for science.

Forget-Me-Not Teacher Gift


This is what Hailey made for her teachers this year:

She decorated a flower pot with acrylic paint.  Then we added this poem:

This past year, we’ve had a blast
I sure wish that it could last
I will miss you more than a lot
And I hope you will Forget-Me-Not

We added a flower stick with her picture on it and the words “Forget-Me-Not,” some dirt in a bag with a pretty ribbon and some Forget-Me-Not seeds.

The finished gift

Science Sunday- Planting and Growing


Science Sunday

Last week Hailey learned all about farms.  So in addition to doing a bunch of crafts about farm animals we also did a few science experiments about planting and growing.

First we did an experiment to see how much water a seed needs to grow.  The cup on the left was a little more than half full of water, the middle cup had just enough water to cover the seeds and the one on the right didn’t have any water.  We also put saran wrap over the top of the cups to keep some moisture in.

A few days later we could see something starting to sprout from one of the beans in the cup that had only a small amount of water.

Today (6 days after we started the experiment) several of the beans are starting to sprout in the cup that had a small amount of water.  We also seem to be growing some mold.  The cup with no water- the beans didn’t do anything.  The cup with a lot of water- 2 beans floated to the top but nothing else happened.

We also did an experiment to learn how plants get water through their root system.

We had several carnations and put them in cups with a variety of colors of food coloring mixed with water.

After about 45 minutes we could see the blue starting to show.

About 2 hours later.

The next morning the flower was nice and blue.

We made a pretty bouquet to put on the the table.  The blue definitely came out the brightest.

Our last experiment:

We balanced a potato in a jar and put water in the jar.  We made sure at least 1/4 of the potato was covered by the water.  We started this experiment later in the week and so far nothing has happened.  We should start to see some shoots growing out of the bottom sometime soon.

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