Letter of the Week Letter I

Last week our letter was I.  Hailey was really sick last week and we didn’t get to all of our letter I activities.  Here are the ones we were able to do:

Hailey colored her letter I words that we glue onto index cards and turn into a book (we do this for each letter).  After she finished cutting them out she asked for some blank paper so that she could write all of her words down.  She really enjoys writing.

The rest of her letter I activities are from the Raising Rock Stars Preschool curriculum.

She colored her verse for the week.

She was very proud of how well she stayed in the lines.  I was too!  It’s amazing how well she can do when she doesn’t try to rush.

Then she colored her strong man.

She cut him out and glued him on a piece of construction paper.

She even added some hair.

Here is the finished strong man with her verse for the week.

Hailey practiced writing the letter I.  She loves to write letters!

Then she read the “I Can” book.  She loves books like this because she can figure out how to read them all by herself.

That’s it for the letter I.  Here’s a couple other letter I activities we did in the past.  Hailey is feeling much better this week so our letter of the week post for next week should have more activities.

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One comment on “Letter of the Week Letter I

  1. katrien vermeersch on said:

    hai, I enjoy the idea to make a book where the kids has to find the same letter like in hippo. Do you have all the pages from the complete alfabet? It would be great for my school in Kenya!!! THANKS katrien

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