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Orange, Triangles and the Number Three


Our color this month is orange and our shape is the triangle.  Here is one of the crafts we did to reinforce this information.

Here’s what you’ll need: orange paint, paper plate, something to paint with, black and green paper.

Paint the plate orange.

Cut out some black triangles and a green stem for your child.  Or if your child is older you should have your child do the cutting.

Once the paint is dry, glue on the stem and triangles.  I did not tell Hailey where to put the triangles for this project, I simply suggested where they could go if she wanted them to be eyes, nose, mouth, etc.  She picked where to put them though.

The finished pumpkin.

Our number this month is the number 3 and here is the craft we did last week for that.

Here’s what you’ll need: a large number 3, construction paper in a different color, paint, paper plate, and some fun paint rollers.  (Hailey got those paint rollers for her birthday, aren’t they cute!!)

Put some paint on the roller and paint the number 3.

I cut out the number 3, glued it to the other paper, added the word “Three” and put three stickers on.  I added this to our number wall.

Fun With Numbers, Shapes and Colors


Last week I introduced the number 2 to Hailey.  She very easily picked up on the number 2 while, for some reason, she has a hard time with the number one (maybe because it looks like an i or l???).  Anyways, I had Hailey decorate a number 2 for our number wall.

Here’s what you’ll need: a large number 2 (I used red construction paper, because red is our color this month), another piece of construction paper in a different color, a paper plate, paint, and something fun to paint with.

Hailey used the scrub brush to paint the number two.

Once it was dry, I cut it out and glued it onto a different colored piece of construction paper, added the word “two” and put two stickers on.

Our shape for September was circles and our color was red, so we did this project to reinforce that information.

Here’s what you’ll need: bubble wrap (I have some with both large and small circles), a paper plate, red paint, a foam brush and paper.  I also had some bubble wrap set aside because I knew when we were done painting that Hailey was going to want to pop some.

Paint the bubble wrap using the foam brush.

And now the small bubble wrap.

Press a piece of paper onto the painted bubble wrap.

Our finished large red circle print.

Our finished small red circle print.

Number One and Cirlces


Our number again was the number one.  I pick a number to concentrate on for two weeks because it seems like it’s a little harder for Hailey to recognize her numbers than her letters.

We used Legos to make the number 1.

I wrote the number 1 on post it notes and stuck them all over Hailey’s playroom and our family room.  Hailey had a blast finding the numbers and then sticking them all over the place again.

Our shape is still the circle as I am only doing one shape each month.  Hailey actually knows all of her basic shapes, so I may need to rethink my plan and start teaching her some of the harder shapes.

Hailey looked around her playroom for various toys shaped like a circle.

We made a circle sun-catcher.

Here’s what you’ll need: clear contact paper, marker, scissors, something to draw a big circle with, circles cut out of tissue paper in varying sizes.

Draw a circle onto the contact paper and then remove the backing.  Put contact paper on the table (I taped it down so that it wouldn’t get stuck on Hailey’s arm) then add tissue paper circles.  I also left the contact paper as a square so that when I added the other piece of contact paper I wouldn’t have to try to line up the circles.  Then after I put the other piece of contact paper on it was very easy to just cut out the circle shape.

Hang your circle sun-catcher on the window.

We also painted using red- our color of the month (another idea I may need to rethink as Hailey knows all of her basic colors) but I posted about that on Monday with our letter of the week.

One Red Circle


This post is not actually about one red circle.  Rather it is about the number, color and shape Hailey was learning about last week.

Our number was the number one (we will do a new number every other week).  Here is one of the projects we did to reinforce the number one.

Here’s what you’ll need: a large number one on construction paper, a blank piece of construction paper in a different color, paint and a sponge.

Sponge paint the number one.  Notice the look of concentration on Hailey’s face- this was serious work!

After the 1 dried, I cut it out and glued it onto the other piece of construction paper.  Then I wrote “one” and we added one sticker.  This is hanging on what will be our number wall in Hailey’s playroom.

Our color for the month of September is red.  We did a couple of projects last week for the color red.

We made a red discovery bottle- it has water and red food coloring in it.  And here you can see Hailey adding some glitter.  Then I used a hot glue gun to glue the top on and added a label that says “Red” on the side of the bottle.

Then we made a red collage:

Here’s what you’ll need: a bunch of red stuff and some glue.

First Hailey colored the red paper using a red marker, crayon and colored pencil and used a red stamper as well.

Then Hailey ripped apart a different piece of red paper.  (Great for those important little hand muscles.)

Glue all of the red items onto the red paper.

The finished red collage.

Lastly, our shape for the month of September is circles.  We made a circle painting.

Here’s what you’ll need: construction paper, paint, various items shaped like circles to use as stampers (I used the tops from milk containers, the top of a lays tube, and an empty toilet paper roll).

Dip the circles into the paint and then stamp onto the paper.

The finished circle picture.

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