Fun With Numbers, Shapes and Colors

Last week I introduced the number 2 to Hailey.  She very easily picked up on the number 2 while, for some reason, she has a hard time with the number one (maybe because it looks like an i or l???).  Anyways, I had Hailey decorate a number 2 for our number wall.

Here’s what you’ll need: a large number 2 (I used red construction paper, because red is our color this month), another piece of construction paper in a different color, a paper plate, paint, and something fun to paint with.

Hailey used the scrub brush to paint the number two.

Once it was dry, I cut it out and glued it onto a different colored piece of construction paper, added the word “two” and put two stickers on.

Our shape for September was circles and our color was red, so we did this project to reinforce that information.

Here’s what you’ll need: bubble wrap (I have some with both large and small circles), a paper plate, red paint, a foam brush and paper.  I also had some bubble wrap set aside because I knew when we were done painting that Hailey was going to want to pop some.

Paint the bubble wrap using the foam brush.

And now the small bubble wrap.

Press a piece of paper onto the painted bubble wrap.

Our finished large red circle print.

Our finished small red circle print.

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2 comments on “Fun With Numbers, Shapes and Colors

  1. Catherine on said:

    I love the idea with the bubble wrap – you are so creative! I have been wondering what kind of paint you use for these projects with Hailey? Is it just craft paint like from Michaels or do you get it from an art store?

    I think I may have said this in another comment, but you have such an inspiring blog; I’ve really been enjoying it.

  2. teaching tinytots on said:

    we love bubble wrap paintings here!

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