Number One and Cirlces

Our number again was the number one.  I pick a number to concentrate on for two weeks because it seems like it’s a little harder for Hailey to recognize her numbers than her letters.

We used Legos to make the number 1.

I wrote the number 1 on post it notes and stuck them all over Hailey’s playroom and our family room.  Hailey had a blast finding the numbers and then sticking them all over the place again.

Our shape is still the circle as I am only doing one shape each month.  Hailey actually knows all of her basic shapes, so I may need to rethink my plan and start teaching her some of the harder shapes.

Hailey looked around her playroom for various toys shaped like a circle.

We made a circle sun-catcher.

Here’s what you’ll need: clear contact paper, marker, scissors, something to draw a big circle with, circles cut out of tissue paper in varying sizes.

Draw a circle onto the contact paper and then remove the backing.  Put contact paper on the table (I taped it down so that it wouldn’t get stuck on Hailey’s arm) then add tissue paper circles.  I also left the contact paper as a square so that when I added the other piece of contact paper I wouldn’t have to try to line up the circles.  Then after I put the other piece of contact paper on it was very easy to just cut out the circle shape.

Hang your circle sun-catcher on the window.

We also painted using red- our color of the month (another idea I may need to rethink as Hailey knows all of her basic colors) but I posted about that on Monday with our letter of the week.

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4 comments on “Number One and Cirlces

  1. Michelle on said:

    YOu have some AWESOME ideas. I can’t decide which one to try first!

  2. teaching tinytots on said:

    love your stained glass circle!

    when i was the 2 – 3 yr old lead teacher we always did a letter ( like Ll ladybugs and leaves ), number, color and shape for 2 weeks!

    that is how i do it in my house too!

  3. teaching tinytots on said:

    just keep up the 2 week thing but do more advance stuff

  4. Heather @ Not a DIY Life on said:

    I love the circle suncatcher!

    Y’all have been busy – lots of great ideas! I think I’m going to start crafts with Ladybug around Thanksgiving.

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