One Red Circle

This post is not actually about one red circle.  Rather it is about the number, color and shape Hailey was learning about last week.

Our number was the number one (we will do a new number every other week).  Here is one of the projects we did to reinforce the number one.

Here’s what you’ll need: a large number one on construction paper, a blank piece of construction paper in a different color, paint and a sponge.

Sponge paint the number one.  Notice the look of concentration on Hailey’s face- this was serious work!

After the 1 dried, I cut it out and glued it onto the other piece of construction paper.  Then I wrote “one” and we added one sticker.  This is hanging on what will be our number wall in Hailey’s playroom.

Our color for the month of September is red.  We did a couple of projects last week for the color red.

We made a red discovery bottle- it has water and red food coloring in it.  And here you can see Hailey adding some glitter.  Then I used a hot glue gun to glue the top on and added a label that says “Red” on the side of the bottle.

Then we made a red collage:

Here’s what you’ll need: a bunch of red stuff and some glue.

First Hailey colored the red paper using a red marker, crayon and colored pencil and used a red stamper as well.

Then Hailey ripped apart a different piece of red paper.  (Great for those important little hand muscles.)

Glue all of the red items onto the red paper.

The finished red collage.

Lastly, our shape for the month of September is circles.  We made a circle painting.

Here’s what you’ll need: construction paper, paint, various items shaped like circles to use as stampers (I used the tops from milk containers, the top of a lays tube, and an empty toilet paper roll).

Dip the circles into the paint and then stamp onto the paper.

The finished circle picture.

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