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Letter of the Week- Review


This week we are reviewing letters E, F, G and H.  So I don’t have a new letter to share.  Instead I am going to share the activities we have done for all of the letters so far.  I will include links to the original posts.  Many of our letter of the week crafts come from No Time for Flashcards.

Apple Print A

Bumble Bee B

Cotton Ball C

Dragon D

Elephant E

Feather F

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Glittery Green G

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Heart Filled H

Letter of the Week- Letter H


Now that I’m working and Hailey is going to preschool it’s really hard to find time to do the crafts and activities that we used to do.  But I miss doing it with Hailey, so I am going to really try to get back into doing more activities with her.

Hailey used a bow to paint the letter H.

For our project that will go into Hailey’s ABC book, Hailey made a House.

She glued various shapes onto her paper and made a house.

The finished H is for House.

Letter of the Week- Letter Z


We are finally done with the alphabet!  Woo Hoo!  Here is our last project- we made a Z is for Zebra which we saw over at No Time for Flashcards.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Here’s what you’ll need: construction paper, letter Z, a zebra head, some black stripes, glue.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Glue some stripes onto the Z.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Add a head.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

The completed Z for Zebra.

When we get back from our vacation we are going to get back into doing a lot more activities- we are going to go through the alphabet again and have more theme related activities.  Check back next week for some new activities.

Letter of the Week- Letter X


We are almost done with the alphabet!  We aren’t doing a lot of crafts as we are busy enjoying the little bit of summer that is left.  We are going on vacation in a couple of weeks and when we get back we’re going to get back into our routine of doing more crafts and learning activities.

Anyhoo- this week I showed Hailey 2 choices for the letter X over at No Time for Flashcards and she wanted to make the “X is for X-Ray” choice.  We did ours a little bit differently, but we got our idea from there.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Here’s what you’ll need: construction paper- black and white, scissors, crayons, glue and saran wrap.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Cut out two bones and a boarder.  If your child is a bit older you can have your child help with the cutting.  Since Hailey is almost 3 she is going to start doing a lot more cutting for our projects.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Color the black paper- we used white and silver.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Glue the bones on to look like an X.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Take a piece of saran wrap and lay it on the table, stretched out nice and flat.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Put the black paper face down on the saran wrap and then tape the extra to the back of the black paper.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Flip it over and glue on the boarder.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

The finished X is for X-ray.

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