Letter of the Week- Letter C

Last week our letter that we focused on was the letter C.  And we did several fun activities.  Every Monday I give Hailey a paper to decorate for our letter of the week and we decorate it using different methods (colored pencils, water colors, etc).  This week we used markers to color the letter C.

Here is our finished Letter C which hangs on our fridge all week.

Then we made this cute letter C.

Here’s what you’ll need: a large letter C, another piece of construction paper, cotton and glue.

Glue the cotton onto the letter C- pointing out that cotton starts with C.

The finished letter C, which also hangs on our fridge.

We also did some of our usual letter activities.  I hid felt C’s around our house for Hailey to find.  I just realized we never visited Star Fall to do their letter C activities, but I will make sure we do that today.

Here is Hailey gluing on pieces to her Letter C Book.

Last but not least- our favorite activity.

Hailey helped me to make some chocolate chip cookies.

I shaped the cookies into the letter C.  If you do this- be sure to leave plenty of space for your C to fill in so that you don’t end up with a blog.  Also, if I did this again I would use sugar cookies instead of chocolate chip cookies because I think they would be easier to form.  The chocolate chip cookie dough was really sticky to try to form into a C.

Enjoy your letter C cookies!

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3 comments on “Letter of the Week- Letter C

  1. teaching tinytots on said:

    looks like you had a great week! we are doing C in december for Christmas and Christ ( we are also doing J for Jesus) we are going to do some of hubbards cupboard dalily christmas activities! i can’t wait if i would get funn ylooks from my hubby i would have christmas stuff up all year round!

  2. teaching tinytots on said:

    i meant great start to the week! i had just read your week in review for tot school! i need to do that a week in review and start posting on tot school too!

  3. My son loves the “C is for Cookie” song. I think this activity would be a perfect activity for him. Thank you!

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