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Father’s Day Handprint Craft


I saw this cute idea on Pinterest for Father’s Day, and decided that Hailey and Hunter would make this for Rich this year.

Father's Day Craft

First Hailey and Hunter both painted a piece of card stock using water colors.

Then I did their handprints using acrylic paint… it’s a pain to wash off their hands but it just works better than tempra paint.

Then around their hand prints I wrote, “Thank you for always being there to hold my hand.”

Then we glued them onto their water colored card stock:

Father's Day Handprint Craft

Father's Day Handprint Craft

Super cute 🙂

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Father’s Day Interview


A couple of years ago Hailey did a Father’s Day Interview for my dad on Father’s Day.  My dad mentioned that he would like to have another one to see what her new answers would be.  So, we used the same questions and did an interview again.  When she did this 2 years ago I just typed up all the answers.  Now that she is old enough to write, she wrote out her answers, which I think adds to the cuteness.

Father's Day Interview

Our interview questions say:

I really love it when my Pa…
My Pa likes to wear…
My Pa always…
The best thing he does is…
It makes him happy when…
My Pa likes to relax by…
I like when he…
What is your favorite thing about Pa?
What does Pa like to eat?
What does Pa like to do in his free time?
My Pa’s favorite thing to watch on TV is…
If he could go on a trip he would go to…
What do you do at Pa’s house that you can’t do anywhere else?
I love my Pa because…
What does Pa do to show you that he loves you?

I had her write her answers (in pencil, so we could fix mistakes without any frustration) and draw her pictures on a piece of regular paper.  When she was done I copied it onto card stock so that it won’t fade or smear over time.  Then she picked out a piece of scrapbook paper and glued her interview questions onto the scrapbook paper.

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Brave Birthday Party


Hailey’s birthday was back in October and I shared these pictures on my personal blog then.  But I thought they really fit more on this blog, so I decided to share them here too.  Hailey wanted a Brave themed birthday party at our house.  We have always had her parties at an outside venue so I was super nervous about having to actually do everything!  Here are the decorations we had:

The dining room all ready for the party. There were 10 kids coming to the party, plus Hailey.

The birthday girl’s chair

The railing all decorated- the little blue things that are hanging down are the “wisps” from the movie.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and really wanted it for a decoration. I showed the idea to my mom and she thought she’d be able to do it. So, my parents came over the night before the party and put this up.

I love it!! We got lots of comments about this decoration!

The number 6 container was also a balloon holder. I made some extra containers with M&Ms and gave them to the closest guessers.

The birthday girl posing by one of the games- since Merida (the princess in Brave) loves archery, we had to have an archery tournament.

Another game- Pin the tail on Angus (Merida’s horse). My very talented mom also made this horse for the game.

Fruit on “arrows”

Marshmallow pops

Target cookies (also made by my mom).

The birthday cake

I don’t have a whole lot of pictures of the actual party to share because there are other children in the pictures and I’m just not comfortable posting them.

As the kids arrived, I greeted them at the door and then they went to the living room to listen to the story of Brave. We have the book on CD, so my mom was doing that with the kids while everyone arrived. When the story ended I had the kids go to the table for some lunch. After they finished eating they went back to the living room.

We played Pin the tail on Angus. The kids really seemed to enjoy it!

Next we played “Pass the Bear.” Since bears are a big part of the story we passed a bear around the circle and whoever was holding the bear when the music stopped was out. When we finished that we played the archery game.

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday and eat some yummy cake.

After cake, Hailey opened up her gifts.

The kids made princess bracelets after the presents were done… there were a few boys there, so they made bracelets for their moms 🙂

The party was definitely a success and Hailey had so much fun! The rest of the kids seemed to have a good time too. My parents were so helpful and it wouldn’t have turned out without all their help. That party ended at 2… then Rich and I cleaned up the house (while my parents went home to rest up after being in a house full of 6 year olds hahahaha) to get ready for the family party that was to start at 5pm. It was nice to do it all in one day, but also a little crazy!

Hailey’s cupcake birthday cake at the family party

Birthday girl

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Tot School


Tot School

Hunter is 17.5 months old.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I have really been slacking on my blogging.  These next few weeks are going to be super busy too!  This time of year always seems like there is just so much going on.

Our theme for Tot School was dinosaurs and the color orange.

Tot School

We made an orange discovery bottle.  It’s filled with lots of fun stuff, and as long as I make sure to include some beads so that it makes noise when he shakes it, Hunter is happy.

Tot School

Hunter used his dinosaurs to make some orange foot prints.

Tot School

Hunter loved using the dinosaur stamps.

Volcano Eruption

He made an erupting volcano (original post here.)

Model Magic Dinosaur Fossil

He enjoyed making dinosaur footprints in some model magic (original post here).  This kept his attention for a very long time!

Dinosaur Diorama

We played a game with some vocabulary words for Hailey.  Hunter loved jumping from one dinosaur footprint to another.

Tot School

Hailey read Hunter some dinosaur books.

Tot School

One evening while my parents were babysitting they made a ramp out of a pizza box.  Hunter thought it was great to drive his cars down the ramp.

One of the reasons I was busy- we went to the ocean… so here is some “real life” tot school:

Our Crafts N Things

Hunter experiencing the ocean for the first time.

Our Crafts N Things

He loved playing with the sand.

Our Crafts N Things

He thought the waves were fun too, as long as they didn’t splash him too much.  He called the ocean “bubbles.”

Our Crafts N Things

We had a great time and made lots of wonderful memories!!

Stop by 1+1+1=1 to see what the other tots were up to this week.

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