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The Horse That Doesn’t Look Like a Horse


So this horse looked a lot cuter inside my head then it did when we actually made it.  But it was still fun.

First Hailey painted four craft sticks brown.

We used 2 of those little cardboard planters.

I cut about 1/3 off of one of the planters.  Hailey added eyes and a mane.  We didn’t have any brown feathers for the mane so Hailey decided she wanted a rainbow mane of her horse.

Hailey added a brown pipe cleaner to the larger cardboard planter for a tail.

Then we glued the smaller one on top of the bigger one.

We also added ears and once the craft sticks were dry, we added those as legs.  So it ended up not looking much like a horse… maybe more like a cat of dog.  But Hailey had fun.

Hailey reading one of her horse books to a couple of her dolls.

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Handprint Horses


Continuing with our horse theme this week, Hailey made some handprint horses.

I traced Hailey’s hand and then added a little smiley face and hooves.

Hailey wanted to add some spots to her horses.

Hailey glued the horses onto the paper.

Then added some popsicle sticks to make a fence.

Hailey added some yarn for a tail and a mane.

The finished handprint horses.

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Horse Craft


A couple of weeks ago Hailey came up with a bunch of topics that she wants to learn about.  The first one she picked is horses and ponies.  So, this week she is learning all about horses and ponies.  We started out by getting all sorts of books at the library.  I had a hard time coming up with art activities to do for horses… so here’s the first thing we did:

Hailey painted this page from DLTK.

Then she painted a toilet paper roll brown.

The completed horse from the side so you can see his tail.

Another view of the horse.

Then since horses eat grass- we planted some grass.

Hailey in our shed getting some dirt for our grass.

Adding just a little bit of grass seed 🙂

Day one of our grass growing experiment.

Hailey loves mazes- so I found some horse mazes for her to do.

Stop back to see what else we do this week.
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