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Science Sunday


Science Sunday

Our theme last week was transportation and we did a couple of science activities during the week.

One day we did a “What sank the boat” experiment.  Before we did it Hailey guessed how many of each object it would take to sink the boat.

This was our “boat.”

Testing to see how many blocks it would take to sink the boat.

Our final results.

Another day we did this floating/sinking experiment.  First Hailey made predictions about what she thought would happen.  Then we put a ball of playdough into the water to see if it would sink or float.

Then I formed that same ball of playdough into a boat shape and asked Hailey what she thought would happen.  She thought it would still sink.

She was pretty excited with the results.

We also joined the Garden Challenge and posted about the progress of grass planting.

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School Bus and Floating/Sinking Experiment


Today we made a school bus as part of our transportation theme.

First I gave Hailey 3 squares to draw some faces on for the windows on the bus.

Then I gave her a bus shape and had her spread a glue/water (just a little bit of water) mixture all over the bus.

Then she spread yellow tissue paper all over her bus.

Once the whole bus was covered, Hailey brushed a thin layer of the glue/water mixture over the bus.

Hailey added some windows and wheels.

Here is the finished school bus.

Then we did a little experiment:

Hailey dropped a ball of playdough into a bowl of water to see if it would sink or float.  (It sunk.)

Then I shaped the playdough like a boat and asked her what she thought would happen if we put it back in the water.  She thought it would still sink.

When she saw that it floated she was quite excited with the results.  We talked about why this one floated and the first one did not.

Hailey finished up with this color by number from the Transportation Preschool Pack at Homeschool Creations.

Garden Challenge


HSV Garden Challenge

This spring Hailey and I are going to participate in the garden challenge over at The Homeschool Village.  We still have some snow on the ground where we live and a forecast for another snow storm this weekend.  So we can’t actually plant outside yet- and usually can’t until the end of May.  But I do want to participate, so we are going to get a few things started inside.  So far the only thing we have planted inside is grass:

She planted just a few grass seeds a little over a week ago :-)

One week after she planted.

A better shot to see how much her grass grew in one week.  That was on Monday of this week.

This is her grass today- it has really grown since Monday.  Each morning it is noticeably taller than the night before.

I have some more things planned to plant with Hailey and once the weather is nice enough I want to start a garden with her.  So, here’s the plan:

I am thinking we will plant in this area- I need to come up with a way to keep the deer and rabbits out of our garden though.  Since our growing season is short we will probably have to buy plants that are already started.  I want to grow things like tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, etc.

As part of studying about gardening I have lots of activities in my Mailbox magazines that we will use.  I am also excited to use the Garden Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations to go along with our unit.  We probably won’t actually do our gardening unit until the end of May when it is usually safe to plant.

A few more plans for planting:

Rich rebuilt our deck last summer and we added some plants and landscaping.  Hailey and I are going to do some more planting and add some more flowers.

Livin With Me

This picture is from almost 2 years ago- but behind Hailey is the front of our house.  I really want to rip those bushes out (and have Rich rebuild our porch, but that’s another story) and add some nice flowers and plants there.

So- there’s our plans for this spring/summer.  Hailey and I are both excited to  get started.  Check out what everyone is else planning over at The Homeschool Village.

Transportation Fun


Continuing with our transportation theme we made a little town with roads for Hailey to drive her cars on.

Hailey placed the roads how she wanted them and then she added some yellow chalk lines.  Then I helped her glue the roads where she wanted them.

She decided we should add some water- so we put some water under a couple roads.  Then we added some houses.

Hailey’s finished town. Once it is completely dry I am going to put contact paper over it so that she can drive her cars on it.

A few other things we did:

Hailey wrote the color words from the transportation pack from Homeschool Creations.

Hailey made a traffic light.

We did a little experiment to see what it would take to sink a “boat.”  I put water in a big mixing bowl, then used a rubbermaid container as the boat.  For each item on our list- containers of playdough, crayons, hearts and blocks- Hailey had to guess how many she thought it would take to sink the boat.  Then we tested to see how many it actually took.

The “boat.”

Testing to see how many blocks it would take to sink the boat.

Our results.

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