School Bus and Floating/Sinking Experiment

Today we made a school bus as part of our transportation theme.

First I gave Hailey 3 squares to draw some faces on for the windows on the bus.

Then I gave her a bus shape and had her spread a glue/water (just a little bit of water) mixture all over the bus.

Then she spread yellow tissue paper all over her bus.

Once the whole bus was covered, Hailey brushed a thin layer of the glue/water mixture over the bus.

Hailey added some windows and wheels.

Here is the finished school bus.

Then we did a little experiment:

Hailey dropped a ball of playdough into a bowl of water to see if it would sink or float.  (It sunk.)

Then I shaped the playdough like a boat and asked her what she thought would happen if we put it back in the water.  She thought it would still sink.

When she saw that it floated she was quite excited with the results.  We talked about why this one floated and the first one did not.

Hailey finished up with this color by number from the Transportation Preschool Pack at Homeschool Creations.

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2 comments on “School Bus and Floating/Sinking Experiment

  1. Jackie on said:

    Just want to comment on how much I enjoy your posts. You have many good ideas, and I appreciate the links you give. Thanks.

  2. All Things Beautifl on said:

    I LOVE her expression when the clay floated! Wonderful!!

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