Heart of Dakota- BLHFHG Unit 3

We just finished our 3rd unit of Beyond and I feel like we’re getting into a good routine.  I am really enjoying Heart of Dakota and I like learning right along side of Hailey.


This week we learned about the Brewster family who ran an inn in Scrooby, England.  The Brewster family had church meetings at their home because many of the people in Scrooby did not want to worship the way King James wanted them to.  King James ordered the people to worship at his church and sent soldiers to find out where people were having church.  When they were caught, the men were sent to jail.  At the end of the week we read about the people making secret plans to leave England and move to Holland.

Heart of Dakota BLHFHG Unit 3

Hailey made this picture of a stone wall to represent the Brewster’s inn, which at one time was a palace.

One of our favorite history activities was playing a game to see if Hailey would worship the way King James wanted or if she would end up in jail.  I didn’t take any pictures of the game, but it was fun and Hailey ended up in jail.


We are using Road Trip USA to learn all about the states.  We learned about our first state this week- Connecticut.

Road Trip USA

We read about Connecticut in the National Geographic US Atlas.  To start teaching some mapping skills, I had Hailey look up the capital of Connecticut (Hartford) in the index.  Then she used the grid to find it on the map.  She thought it was really neat and wanted to try finding other locations too.

Robin Craft

Since the robin is the state bird for Connecticut, we made a cute a Robin Craft– you can see the finished craft here.

Road Trip USA

Hailey added Connecticut to our US map.

Road Trip USA

Hailey designed a postcard for Connecticut.

Road Trip USA

Hunter and Hailey tried clam chowder for lunch.  Hailey said she liked it, but then after a few bites asked for some chicken nuggets.  Hunter ate most of his, but he’ll eat pretty much anything 🙂

Language Arts:

I am not loving the curriculum we are using for Language Arts.  I am going to try to keep using parts of it, but I’m also starting to do a bit of my own thing too.

Our Crafts N Things

I had Hailey sort sticky notes onto either “sentence” or “phrase” to practice what makes a sentence.

I looked over the remainder of unit 1 in Rod and Staff Preparing to Build English 2 and made up a test for Hailey that covered all of the material in that unit.  She did very well on the test, so I decided we are done with unit 1.  She has been asking to write a story, so I decided that would be good practice for what we were working on in unit 1.  She filled out a brainstorming paper and then wrote a rough draft.  We worked together on fixing her rough draft and she started working on her final copy.  She will finish it up this week.


Heart of Dakota BLHFHG Unit 3

We pretended that these 2 plates were flowers.  I crushed up some Cheetos and put them in the middle of one of the plates to represent pollen.  Hailey and Hunter pretended to be bees landing on one flower, and then carrying the pollen to the other flower.  Hailey learned how flowers need bees for pollination.

We also did a science experiment with light- I hung up a piece of black paper and a piece of white paper in a dark room and then we shined a flashlight on them to see the difference.  Since white reflects light, that paper was much brighter than the black paper because black absorbs light.

Our Crafts N Things

Hailey filled out her science notebooking paper about the light experiment.  She thinks it’s great when she can do her work on the floor instead of at her desk 🙂


Heart of Dakota BLHFHG Unit 3

Hailey and Hunter loved doing toe-touches in between saying their Bible verse.


Heart of Dakota BLHFHG Unit 3

We are really enjoying the Hide ‘Em In Your Heart CD.  Hunter always asks to have the music on and wants everyone to dance.

Unit Study:

We finished up our Apple Unit Study this week.  I am going to post more about it this week and show more of what we did and the lapbook that Hailey made.

Apple Experiment

We did a science experiment with apples.

Our Crafts N Things

Hailey made an apple and labeled the parts of it, which we put in her lapbook.


Apple Core Craft

Hailey and Hunter made this Apple Core Craft together.

Apple Tree Craft

We did this cute Apple Tree Activity.  I love how these turned out.

Johnny Appleseed

We did some fun activities for Johnny Appleseed’s birthday, and I will post more about those this week.

Apple Basket Craft

We also made a basket of apples, which turned out cute and I will post it this week.

We had a really good week and I am looking forward to unit 4!

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    Such fun! The Johnny Appleseed project looks so cute 🙂

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