2013 – 2014 Curriculum

Now that I have made the official announcement that we will be homeschooling this year, I thought I would share our curriculum choices with everyone.

Our core curriculum will be Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory from Heart of Dakota, with a few extras added in, which I am using for second grade.

Heart of Dakota Curriculum

My teacher’s guide 🙂  I love how everything is so nicely organized for me!!

Language Arts: (we will do this daily)

Heart of Dakota Curriculum

We are using Heart of Dakota for LA.  I will use their spelling lists (list 2) as well as some of the language arts activities.  We are also using the Emerging Readers Set from Heart of Dakota, where Hailey will read the books in the picture and then answer various questions about the books.  We are using Rod and Staff 2 for grammar.  For handwriting we are using Cheerful Cursive, since Hailey has been asking to learn cursive.

Heart of Dakota Curriculum

These are story time books from Heart of Dakota that I will read to Hailey.

Math: (we will do this daily)

Singapore Math

It took me a really long time to decide what math curriculum to pick.  I finally decided to go with Singapore.  This summer we are going over 1B since Singapore tends to be ahead of where public schools are.  So far it’s going very quickly because it’s all review, but I know when we get to the end of the workbook it will slow down.  When school starts in the fall we will do 2A and 2B.

History: (we will do this daily)

Heart of Dakota Curriculum

We are using Heart of Dakota for history and will use the books pictured above as our text.

Geography: (we will do this 2 times per week)

Road Trip USA

We are going to use Road Trip USA for learning about the 50 states.  We are only going to cover 1 state per week to start.  Depending on how it goes we might move up to 2 states per week as the curriculum is written, but we’re going to see how it goes first.  In addition we are also using Highlights Which Way USA magazines and/or Little Passports US edition.  Right now are getting both subscriptions because I can’t decide which one I like better hahaha

Science: (we will do this 2 times per week)

Heart of Dakota Curriculum

We are going to use Heart of Dakota for our science curriculum and the book pictured above will be our text.  It seems pretty light to me, so we are planning to add in some unit studies based on Hailey’s interests.

Bible: (we will do this daily)

Bible Curriculum

We are going to use Heart of Dakota for our Bible curriculum.  In addition to that we are going to read through Bible stories and do activities based on the stories.  We are also going to use the What’s in the Bible DVDs, although right now we only have the first DVD and I want to make sure we like them before I buy anymore.

My Planner:

The Well Planned Day

I love planners and writing my plans down 🙂  It took me forever to decide which planner to buy and so far I’m glad I decided on this one.  It might not be totally necessary to have a planner when using Heart of Dakota, but the plans are written based on a 5 day week.  We are going to go to a homeschool co-op once per week (this will be our art, music and physical education) and will be gone for most of the day on our co-op days, so I am trying to re-write the plans to fit things into a 4 day week.

So, that is my plan so far.  We will see how it goes and adjust as needed 🙂

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12 comments on “2013 – 2014 Curriculum

  1. Lisa @ Farm Fresh Adventures on said:

    I love seeing what people are using for their curriculum! I have a friend who enjoys the Heart of Dakota series, so I’m sure you will too. My oldest will be in 2nd grade this year too, but we are going to use My Father’s World…I am also doing Singapore Math like you–he enjoys the way it’s put together and excels at it. I’m investigating different cursive workbooks–I’ve heard about Cheerful Cursive, so I’m definitely going to check it out. Where did you get your planner? It’s very very cute!

  2. Dawn @ Guiding Light on said:

    Looks like you have an EXCELLENT start to the beginning of your homeschooling journey. This is THE BEST (and hardest) journey of your life…raising your kids AND schooling them. We are going on year five and do NOT regret it. Have fun learning!

  3. kimberly on said:

    Looks like you are ready to start a great year 🙂 I love the book choices.

  4. Misty on said:

    We loved our year in Beyond last year! Also, the HOD blogging community is great! So many ladies willing to help and encourage you along the way. We went our separate ways this year and will not be using HOD but we had a great 2 years with them. Good luck!

  5. Sanz @ From The Mrs. on said:

    I love looking at curriculum choices! I’m considering RoadTrip USA as well. Good luck to you this year!

  6. Tauna @ Proverbial Homemaker on said:

    This looks like a great plan and fantastic books! Blessings on you as you start your homeschool journey. Heart of Dakota is what I’ve always thought I’d go with if I bought a full curriculum. I hear such great things about it!

  7. PragmaticMom on said:

    I love the stack of chapter books you picked out. You also might like

    The Year of Miss Agnes

    Homer Price

    The Saturdays

    I have a post on Conflict Free Chapter Books which is a very old fashioned book list similar to your pile: http://www.pragmaticmom.com/2011/08/top-10-childrens-books-best-old-fashioned-conflict-free-families/

    Hope it helps you!

  8. Kristina @ SchoolTimeSnippets on said:

    I have been leaning towards HOD this year for my son– just haven’t bit the bullet yet! Drawn to it for several reasons, with one being that it is ALL laid out for me and after two years of scheduling and coming up with ideas on my own, so ready *I think* to follow a full laid out curriculum. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading what others are doing!

  9. Nichole on said:

    I didn’t know there was a US edition of Little Passports! I’m going to have to check that out. It looks like you have a great year planned!

  10. Ticia on said:

    I bet you’ll love What’s in the Bible. We watch all of them multiple times.

  11. Christine on said:

    Did you get your geography books from HofD?

  12. Cookie on said:

    Thank you for this post! I’ve been looking into possibly trying out Heart of Dakota next year for second grade, and I found their website rather confusing. Seeing the way you have your plans all laid out really helps me see that I can pick and choose which elements I want to keep from our current curriculum, and which I can replace with HOD. It’s funny, I was just looking at planners yesterday and also decided on Well Planned Day! 🙂 How did this year turn out for you with HOD?

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