It’s Official…

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because I know other homeschooling moms will be reading this and I wouldn’t want them to think I make mistakes ๐Ÿ™‚

I sent in the letter of intent to the school district this week, telling them that Hailey will be homeschooled.ย  If you know us then you probably aren’t totally shocked to hear this news.ย  Before Hailey started kindergarten, we had talked about homeschooling her.ย  Then I found out I was pregnant with Hunter and convinced myself that I could not homeschool with a newborn baby.ย  Since then I have realized that is not true at all.ย  While I’m sure it is difficult, it is certainly possible.ย  Now that Hunter will be going on 2 this fall, I’m wondering if it will actually be harder with a toddler than a newborn would have been ๐Ÿ˜‰

For now my plan is to homeschool for 2nd grade.ย  There are many reasons we are making this choice, but it all boils down to this:ย  We feel that this is the right decision for our family at this time.ย  We are not against public school.ย  Hailey had a good experience in public school and never had any problems.ย  We just feel this is the best thing for us for right now.ย  We are taking it one year at a time, so we do not know yet what we will do for 3rd grade.

We already have our curriculum, and I will do a separate post about our curriculum choices very soon.ย  We have also joined a local co-op which meets one time each week and we are looking forward to meeting some of the other homeschoolers in our area.ย  I know this will be a big adjustment for us and it will take some time to get used to, but we are excited!

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15 comments on “It’s Official…

  1. Linda @ Linda's Lunacy on said:

    We’ve been homeschooling since 1991. Homeschooling has been great for our family. Good luck to you as you begin your homeschooling journey. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ashley on said:

    What an awesome decision! I can’t think of a better teacher for your daughter then you! Who else can give her the individualized attention she deserves to thrive in her studies!

  3. Sanz @ From The Mrs. on said:

    Congratulations! You are headed for an amazing, fulfilling, challenging and beautiful journey! I also have a second grader this year! We take it year by year as well but I really can’t see us putting our kids in school anytime soon. We are so efficient in homeschool which leaves so much time for them to really get to be kids and nit be so busy and overscheduled! Good luck to you! It is hard but so worth it! I’m now following you on FB. I just set up my FB page last week and would love to have you join me as well!

  4. Yay! Welcome to the world of homeschooling! We’re entering our 13th year and it has been so wonderful for us, that even though we let our teens go to middle school (their choice) they both begged us to homeschool them again ๐Ÿ˜‰ *You* are the best person to teach your child! Keep your chin up!

  5. Wendy Woerner on said:

    Congratulations! This can be a difficult decision to make. We will begin our 8th year of homeschooling in the fall. Actually, embracing unschooling completely for the first time. ๐Ÿ™‚ We have homeschooled through moves, 2 new babies, and illness, and our kids have still learned a lot and did well on end-of year tests when we were required to give them. I’m so glad that you decided that it is not impossible to homeschool with a newborn. There will be days, newborn or not, when you may question your decision, but don’t give up! Find other homeschoolers to hang out with if you can. Finding a ‘veteran’ who has been at it a while is especially helpful, because she will be able to calm any fears that may crop up and talk you through difficulties as well, as we all come upon them at some time or another. Congrats again on your decision. The investment of your time pouring into your children is well-worth it!

  6. Katie on said:

    Congratulations on your decision! The decision is the hardest part of homeschooling. ๐Ÿ™‚ Use your own motherly intuition and you will see your children (and yourself!) transformed before your eyes. It’s amazing how much I am constantly learning about my children and myself because we homeschool. My children are so happy and they behave much better than they used to when they went to school. They enjoy being home with me and all the family time we get. When the neighborhood kids get out of school they are free to go out and play every day without the worry of homework because it’s already done! You will be wonderful. Relax, and enjoy it!

  7. Lisa on said:

    Congratulations! Deciding to homeschool our children was one of the best decisions we ever made! It has been the most rewarding, amazing journey. It is a lot of work, but it is SO worth it! You’ll see! Many blessings, Lisa

  8. Taunya on said:

    Congratulations! We started homeschooling in 2010 after our kids had been in PS. Our son was 6th grade, girls were 2nd and 3rd. We haven’t looked back since! It does get easier as you gain more confidence. You will love it!

  9. I know there are lots of people who know they’re going to homeschool forever. We’re not one of them. We’re taking it one year at a time, and seeing what is best for our family each year. You know your child best and what will be right for her (or him!). If that changes, it changes. If it doesn’t, you keep on homeschooling. “Lord, for tomorrow I do not pray; please keep me Lord, just for today.” One day at a time.

  10. Dawn @ Guiding Light on said:

    Homeschooling is such a wonderful adventure! You will see your family grow closer and your kids learn so much more than they could in public school (which is only normal when the number of teacher to student is so much less). Just remember to have fun!

  11. Karen M in FL on said:

    Just wanted to encourage you. We started homeschooling when my oldest was entering the 3rd grade. That was 21 years ago. Hard to believe now. I has been a journey with high points and low points but it is a journey we have never regretted taking.

  12. Welcome to homeschooling!! It can be so much fun! We just finished our 5th year and my kids and I have learned so much. Remember to relax and be flexible and most importantly to have fun, good luck!

  13. Cool! Good for you! We homeschooled right from the start, so while I don’t know how it feels to change gears, I do know that we weren’t sure how long we could keep it up or how it would work. I’m happy to report that we have never looked back and we are all so glad we chose to homeschool. Even our skeptical relatives are on board now. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  14. TaMara on said:

    Welcome to the homeschool community! We’ve been homeschooling from the beginning, and my oldest is 13. I have 5 children ages 5 to 13, so I’ve done the homeschooling with a toddler a couple of times. It has its challenges, but I’ve found out that almost every stage has both its challenges and its rewards. One thing that helped with my littles was to have a set room time or playpen time, where they played by themselves. It took some training, but it was well worth it to give my older ones the time with me that they needed. Good luck to you and enjoy!

  15. Courtney Wilson on said:

    Yay! We’ve been homeschooling for four years and it has been fabulous!

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