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Story of Creation Crafts


Here are the crafts we did to reinforce the lessons that went with the Story of Creation:

Day 1- God created day and night.

Day 2- God created sky and water.

Day 3- God created the land with grass, trees and flowers.

Day 4- God created the sun, moon and stars.

Day 5- God created fish and birds.

Day 6- God created animals and people.

Day 7- God rested.

You can see all of the activities we did for the story of creation as well as the directions for these crafts here.

Caterpillars and Butterflies


Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Here is a cute caterpillar made with an egg carton.

We made a butterfly sun catcher.

We made butterflies out of coffee filters.

That is just a quick sampling of what we did- you can find lots more butterfly and caterpillar activities here.

Beach Theme Ideas


We painted sea shells.

Hailey loved doing sand art.

We made this fun fish craft.

We set up our own little beach.

You can see more beach ideas here.

Scuba Diver


Hailey attended another VBS and I had to share this adorable craft.  So cute and fun!!

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