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Science Sunday- Eggs


Science Sunday

This week we did a bunch of Easter crafts and read Easter books and did lots of Easter related stuff.  So for our science experiments this week we learned about eggs.

We talked about Humpty Dumpty and Hailey decorated a hard boiled egg to look like Humpty Dumpty.

What would happen to Humpty Dumpty if he fell off a wall?

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall…

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…

Poor Humpty Dumpty.

We also compared what the inside of a hard boiled egg looked like compared to a raw egg.

The inside of poor Humpty Dumpty.

A raw egg in a frying pan.  We heated it up to see what would happen.

Yummy scrambled eggs.

We also watched an Eagle egg hatch on Youtube.  If you haven’t seen these videos- they are really amazing to watch (Thanks Aunt Ruth for sending us the link for that!).

In other science related stuff- we did a potato experiment last week.  But nothing ever happened.

We balanced a potato in a jar and put water in the jar.  We made sure at least 1/4 of the potato was covered by the water.  It’s been a week and half and nothing ever happened.  Does anyone know what we did wrong?

More Easter Egg Fun


We decorated another egg today for our Easter theme.

Here’s what we used:

Shaving cream, food coloring, toothpicks and a baking pan.

I squirted some shaving cream onto the baking pan.

Then I added some food coloring.

Hailey used a toothpick and swirled the colors together.

Then she put an egg made from cardstock onto the shaving cream.

When she pulled it off it looked like this.

Then we added some more colors and she did some more swirling.

Here’s how the next egg looked.

After we were done with the eggs she had a great time playing in the shaving cream.

Eventually it turned to a lovely gray color.  And when we washed it off, her hands were purple.  They are still purple.

Here’s our finished eggs:

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Supposed to be a Marbled Egg


I saw a really cute marbled egg in one of my Mailbox magazines so I thought we would give it a try.

First we grated up some colored chalk using the smallest part on the cheese grater.

Hailey dumped the chalk onto a cookie sheet.  The cookie sheet had water in it, just enough to cover the bottom of it.

Then she swirled the colors using a straw

and put an egg shaped piece of construction paper into the pan.

It was supposed to look marbled.  It didn’t.

It looked speckled.

Then Hailey did another one and pushed down more, so it made little finger prints.

It didn’t look anything like it was supposed to, but Hailey had fun anyways.  In case you’re curious- here is what it looked like in the magazine:

Yeah- just a little different 🙂

Easter Egg


We made another egg today for our Easter theme.

I mixed food coloring with evaporated milk and had Hailey use it to paint a pattern on the egg.  I had planned to use condensed milk since it’s thicker, but didn’t realize I didn’t have any until it was time to do the project.

The finished pattern.

Then Hailey tipped the egg a little bit to let the colors run.  If we had used condensed milk as planned it wouldn’t have mixed as much and I think it would have given the effect I had hoped for.

The finished egg.

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