Science Sunday- Eggs

Science Sunday

This week we did a bunch of Easter crafts and read Easter books and did lots of Easter related stuff.  So for our science experiments this week we learned about eggs.

We talked about Humpty Dumpty and Hailey decorated a hard boiled egg to look like Humpty Dumpty.

What would happen to Humpty Dumpty if he fell off a wall?

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall…

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…

Poor Humpty Dumpty.

We also compared what the inside of a hard boiled egg looked like compared to a raw egg.

The inside of poor Humpty Dumpty.

A raw egg in a frying pan.  We heated it up to see what would happen.

Yummy scrambled eggs.

We also watched an Eagle egg hatch on Youtube.  If you haven’t seen these videos- they are really amazing to watch (Thanks Aunt Ruth for sending us the link for that!).

In other science related stuff- we did a potato experiment last week.  But nothing ever happened.

We balanced a potato in a jar and put water in the jar.  We made sure at least 1/4 of the potato was covered by the water.  It’s been a week and half and nothing ever happened.  Does anyone know what we did wrong?

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3 comments on “Science Sunday- Eggs

  1. All Things Beautifl on said:

    I read somewhere that they spray the potatoes with a chemical to prevent them from sprouting before you get them to your table and that keeps them from sprouting when you want them to. Perhaps organic potatoes? Perhaps gently but thoroughly washing them before the experiment?

  2. Keep waiting with the potato. I have a sweet potato in my classroom that took nearly weeks for any change. We finally got a sprout this week.

  3. I know my potatoes often start sprouting in my pantry, so maybe putting it somewhere dark?

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