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Noah Matching Game


Our Bible theme for this month is the story of Noah.  We started out by reading the story of Noah in Hailey’s Bible.  I also have a book about Noah that we read.  I don’t particularly like the book though so if anyone has any recommendations for a good Noah book, please share.  We also started working on a new memory verse- “God will keep His promise. Hebrews 11:11.”

And then we played this matching game:

I printed out two copies of this Animal Matching Game onto card stock and covered them with contact paper.  I left one copy as a whole piece and then cut up the other one into cards.

Then Hailey matched up the animals.

Very simple and Hailey loved it!

Orange, Triangles and the Number Three


Our color this month is orange and our shape is the triangle.  Here is one of the crafts we did to reinforce this information.

Here’s what you’ll need: orange paint, paper plate, something to paint with, black and green paper.

Paint the plate orange.

Cut out some black triangles and a green stem for your child.  Or if your child is older you should have your child do the cutting.

Once the paint is dry, glue on the stem and triangles.  I did not tell Hailey where to put the triangles for this project, I simply suggested where they could go if she wanted them to be eyes, nose, mouth, etc.  She picked where to put them though.

The finished pumpkin.

Our number this month is the number 3 and here is the craft we did last week for that.

Here’s what you’ll need: a large number 3, construction paper in a different color, paint, paper plate, and some fun paint rollers.  (Hailey got those paint rollers for her birthday, aren’t they cute!!)

Put some paint on the roller and paint the number 3.

I cut out the number 3, glued it to the other paper, added the word “Three” and put three stickers on.  I added this to our number wall.

Fall Activities


Our theme for the month of October is fall.  So, last week we did some fall related activities.

We started out by going to see some real pumpkins.

Hailey looking for the perfect pumpkin.

Hailey looking around at a (somewhat empty) pumpkin patch.

We also looked outside when we went on our walk and while playing in the back yard for some leaves.

Hailey finding some leaves to add to her collection.

Then we made a leaf collage.

Here’s what you’ll need: your leaf collection, contact paper, scissors and tape.

Put the contact paper onto the table, sticky side up.  I added some tape to the sides to tape it down to the table so that it wouldn’t pull up every time Hailey’s arm brushed it.  Then add your leaves to the contact paper.

After you finish adding leaves, put another piece of contact paper sticky side down on top of the piece of contact paper with the leaves on it.  Put them together so that the sticky sides are touching, this will hold your collage together.

Then we did a fall painting:

Here’s what you’ll need: paint, paper, and some fall related items- we used a pine cone and a leaf.

Hailey painting with the pine cone.

We had another fall related activity, but it also relates to our shape and color so I am saving it for tomorrow.

Letter of the Week- Review A-D


Last week was a review week for us and we reviewed the letters A, B, C and D.

Each day we did one of these to review a letter.  I saved the letters from a project we did during the week when Hailey first learned the letter.  And I printed out pictures and words that started with that particular letter.

Hailey working on her letter A page.

The finished letter A page.

Hailey working on her letter B page.

Running out of glue working on the letter C page.

Hailey working on the letter D page.

My mom bought these fun letter shaped cookie cutters for Hailey.  So, we used them for several projects.  For this one- we used the letters, paint and paper.

Hailey dipped the letters into the paint and then stamped them onto the paper.  (And also ate some, as you can see from the green around her mouth.)

We used the cookie cutters to cut out playdough.

And then, of course, we made cookies.  Hailey is dumping the sugar into our bowl.

And sampling some of the cookie dough (I only let her do this BEFORE I added the eggs.  Do not let your child sample cookie dough with raw eggs in it.)

The finished A, B, C, D cookies.

Be sure to come back everyday when I will post our activities about our theme this month (fall), our color, shape and number (orange, triangles and 3) and our Bible theme (Noah).

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