Letter of the Week- Review A-D

Last week was a review week for us and we reviewed the letters A, B, C and D.

Each day we did one of these to review a letter.  I saved the letters from a project we did during the week when Hailey first learned the letter.  And I printed out pictures and words that started with that particular letter.

Hailey working on her letter A page.

The finished letter A page.

Hailey working on her letter B page.

Running out of glue working on the letter C page.

Hailey working on the letter D page.

My mom bought these fun letter shaped cookie cutters for Hailey.  So, we used them for several projects.  For this one- we used the letters, paint and paper.

Hailey dipped the letters into the paint and then stamped them onto the paper.  (And also ate some, as you can see from the green around her mouth.)

We used the cookie cutters to cut out playdough.

And then, of course, we made cookies.  Hailey is dumping the sugar into our bowl.

And sampling some of the cookie dough (I only let her do this BEFORE I added the eggs.  Do not let your child sample cookie dough with raw eggs in it.)

The finished A, B, C, D cookies.

Be sure to come back everyday when I will post our activities about our theme this month (fall), our color, shape and number (orange, triangles and 3) and our Bible theme (Noah).

Check out 1+1+1=1 for more Tot School ideas.

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4 comments on “Letter of the Week- Review A-D

  1. Fun week! We have those cookie cutters, too, but I haven’t used them yet. Thanks for reminding me of them! 🙂

  2. Mozi Esme's Mommy on said:

    I really need to get some of those letter cookie cutters! What fun! I love her concentration on the glue. I’ve been using double-sided tape a lot lately since it’s less mess, but I should probably reintroduce glue once in a while, too.

  3. Eileen on said:

    wow i like your ideas very much. I am going to try on my daughter who is 21 mths on the those letters. Thanks for sharing.

    If you got any advice for toddler dont kind can share with me.

    Thank you

  4. Hello, I love your crafts! I will definitely try them when my baby boy gets bigger. Could you tell me where you bought the cookie cutters? I love the size and shape of them. I would like to buy them too! Thanks, Sona

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