The Wheels on the Bus

We have been focusing on some of Hailey’s favorite songs lately and doing art projects about those songs. Yesterday I showed you the Wheel Painting we did to go with the Wheels on the Bus song that Hailey loves. Today I’m going to show you the bus we made.

Here’s what you’ll need: construction paper- black, blue, white and yellow, glue, scissors, chalk and black marker.

  • Leave the blue piece of construction paper whole for the background.
  • Cut the yellow piece into the shape of a bus and cut out a yellow rectangle to be the door. Outline the yellow rectangle with the black marker and then draw a line down the middle.
  • With the black piece of paper- make a road and draw lines on it with the chalk. Cut out wheels and bumpers for the bus.
  • With the white- cut out windows and cut out 2 small circles for the inside of the wheels.

Hailey loved putting her bus together. We sang The Wheels on the Bus while she worked.

I always let Hailey add the glue to her projects. When she is ready to put the piece on I show her where the piece should go, but it is up to her where she actually puts it. After all, it is her bus and it’s supposed to be fun to make it.

The finished bus.

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One comment on “The Wheels on the Bus

  1. Mozi Esme's Mommy on said:

    Well done, Hailey! Looks like a nice sticky project!

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