More Caterpillar Fun

Since we are watching our caterpillars turn into butterflies I have been doing several caterpillar activities with Hailey.  Yesterday you got to see our Egg Carton Caterpillar and today I’m showing you how we wrote Hailey’s name for this fun craft.

Here’s what you’ll need: Several different colors of construction paper, something to draw a circle with (I used the Pringles container), scissors, marker, glue, items to use for eyes, nose, mouth and antenna on your caterpillar.

Cut out enough circles to have one for each letter in your child’s name and an extra one for the head of the caterpillar.  Keep the green piece whole for the background.

Write your child’s name on the circles, leaving one circle for the head.

Glue the letters on, add the face and decorate it.

Here is the finished caterpillar (with some legs drawn on).

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