Caterpillar Fun

We have five caterpillars right now that we are watching turn into butterflies.  They are currently in the chrysalis stage and it is so fascinating to watch.  So, we have been doing a bunch of caterpillar activities and will be starting to do some butterfly projects too.  For the next few days I’ll be sharing some of the caterpillar fun we’ve been having.

Here’s what you’ll need: half of an egg carton, paper bowls, paint, paint brushes and pipe cleaner.

Paint the egg carton.  And if you’re a toddler have a little taste of the paint.  Apparently the blue is good.

Cover the entire egg carton with paint and then let it dry.

After it dries- poke two holes in the top to thread your pipe cleaner through- then curl the ends to look like antenna.  Add eyes, nose and mouth.

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3 comments on “Caterpillar Fun

  1. Ashley on said:

    I love the caterpillar!

  2. jennifer on said:

    My kids love making those. And I do too.

  3. mama meji on said:

    I like this…I’m also trying to catch up with my time with Matt these days and trying some crafts would be good. Great suggestion!

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