Duck Pond

The theme I am using with Hailey right now is songs. One of her favorite songs is Five Little Ducks. So we have done a couple of activities about ducks. The other day we made Five Little Duck pieces for our felt board and then we did some duck stamping. Our last project in sticking with the duck theme was to make a duck pond.

Here’s what you’ll need: green, blue, yellow and orange construction paper, glue, scissors and a black marker.

Leave the green construction paper a full piece of paper. Cut the blue construction paper to look like a body of water. The cut 4 small dome shapes and 4 small circles from the yellow paper. Cut 4 very small triangles from the orange paper . For older children I would let them do the cutting but since this was a toddler project I did all of the cutting.

Glue the blue onto the green paper. Then glue the shapes together to create the ducks. After the duck pond has dried, add a black dot for the eyes on the ducks.

The finished duck pond.

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5 comments on “Duck Pond

  1. Leslie on said:

    Aww!! She’s adorable. The duckies are cute too.

  2. teaching tinytots on said:

    so cute!!! my LO loves DUCKS!

  3. Spice on said:

    Oh, that is so sweet. Do you keep all of these in a scrapbook?

  4. Love these ducks! Gonna make some with my co-op class tomorrow for “Make Way for Ducklings” by R McCloskey. Thanks for the idea!

  5. We made these today, they turned out so good!

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