Duck Stamping

Yesterday I showed you the felt board activity that we did to go along with The 5 Little Ducks song. Today I’m sharing another duck craft we did. I saw this over at one of my new favorite sites- No Time for Flashcards (if you haven’t been to this site yet you just have to check it out).

Here’s what you’ll need- paper, a duck and a stamp pad.  (As a side note- my stamp pads are for kids and are non-toxic.  But they were missing the all important word “washable.”  So you might want to make sure you get washable stamp pads.  I’m just sayin’)

Give the items to your child and let the creativity flow.  Hailey is working on figuring out exactly how it is working.

Having fun stamping the paper.

While I turned my head for about 2 seconds, Hailey picked up the stamp pad and stamped her face.

The finished duck stamping piece of art.

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0 comments on “Duck Stamping

  1. Mozi Esme's Mommy on said:

    Very cute! I’ll have to get Esme a stamp pad one of these days!

  2. allie on said:

    I love it! Great Job!

    My son still tastes paint every single time we use it , thank goodness for non toxic!

  3. Teresa on said:

    This is so cute!

    My Blog: Growing Piggy Bank

  4. She is simply adorable! 🙂
    My niece loves stamps like this too. She has a few set of stamps and I remember seeing her stamping away when I was at her house.

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