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Playdough Fun


This year the Easter bunny brought Hailey some playdough.  Now I think I know what lots of moms out there are thinking- it is just so messy- why would anyone ever give their child playdough?

Having worked in day care and pre-k, I do know that playdough can create quite a mess.  But do you know what else I have learned about playdough?  It can usually buy several minutes in a row of quiet play.

I think that around 18 months is a good time to introduce playdough. At this stage your toddler will probably just want to pat, poke and squeeze the playdough. So, we got the playdough out the other day for Hailey to try it out.

Our Crafts -N- Things

Toddlers like to taste everything, so I expected that Hailey would have to try a bite of her playdough.

Our Crafts -N- Things

 Once she realized how bad it tasted that put an end to that.  

Our Crafts -N- Things

Hailey loved playing with the playdough and it kept her entertained for nearly an hour.

Toddlers will also like finding things hidden in the dough, and pushing things into it (straws, macaroni, popsicle sticks, plastic figurines, pretty much anything you can think of).  Using cookie cutters to cut out various shapes is fun too. 

There are a lot of great activities you can do with playdough.  Since this was Hailey’s first time using it I decided to keep the activity completely exploratory.  I will post other activities that you can use for playdough as I introduce them to Hailey. 

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