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Planting Activities


I used to spend time doing some gardening- planting flowers, pulling weeds, all of that good stuff.  Having a toddler makes it a little more difficult to get that kind of stuff done.  But rather than not doing it anymore I decided to involve Hailey in taking care of the plants.

We had a deck in our back yard that had to be taken down and new deck was built in a different place. So, where the old deck was we planted some grass.  Hailey and I have been checking the progress of the grass and I talk to her about how the grass needs sun and water to grow.

She also helped me pull all of the weeds out of our flower beds in our back yard.  She thought that was fabulous!  Hailey has her own little gardening set that uses to dig in the dirt to pretend to plant.  One of the tools is a watering can which she uses to help water the flowers.

When we are outside doing our gardening I talk to Hailey about how the flowers smell and feel.  She does not have a lot of toys for outside, but rather spends most of the time exploring.  Simple things like leaves and rocks can be turned into a learning experience for a toddler.

Give your toddler a bucket to use for collecting leaves and then talk about how they feel, look, smell, etc.  Let your toddler tear and crumble the leaves.  Collect rocks that are big enough to not pose a chocking hazard- meaning they can not fit through a toilet paper roll.  Talk about how the rocks feel.  Let your toddler take them in and out of containers.  Put the collection of rocks into a container that can be closed (ex- old coffee container) and shake for a fun noise.  You can also let your toddler wash the rocks.  All of these things will provide a lot of entertainment and learning for your toddler.

Anything hands on in nautre is a great way to teach your toddler.  And the more they participate in what they are doing the more they will learn and remember from the experience.

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