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Sand Art


I did several beach themed activities with Hailey. And since the beach has sand I had a crazy fabulous idea to do some sand art. With my 21 month old.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Paper (I used card stock), sand and glue.

It started out pretty good. Hailey did have to mix the two colors together and play with that for a little while. Then she sprinkled some on her name. (The mark on her arm is a left over tattoo.)

Then the fun started. And the sand was everywhere.

Hailey spent a very long time pushing the sand around and decorating her paper. When she was done we went straight to the bathtub. When we came out Rich had cleaned up the entire mess the sand had made. And it was a huge mess. (Thanks Rich!)

The finished sand art.

This project actually was a lot of fun. And Hailey spent a very long time working on it. I will do this again with her. BUT, it will be done outside.

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