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Out Like a Lamb


Yesterday I posted our lion that Hailey made since March came in like a lion.  Since we can only assume that March will be going out like a lamb, Hailey made a lamb.

You’ll need a black oval for the face (I used chalk to draw a mouth), 2 small ovals for ears, 2 google eyes, and 1 pink triangle for a nose.  You’ll also need a paper plate, cotton and glue.

Hailey put the face of her lamb together.

Then she glued the face onto the paper plate.

Next she added some cotton.

The finished lamb.

In Like a Lion?


Our theme this week is weather in March.  I explained to Hailey that the weather in March can be referred to as a lion or a lamb and we talked about examples of each kind of weather.  We decided that we were definitely in the middle of some lion like weather and made a lion for our craft.

You’ll need a paper plate and some tissue paper or construction paper.  I didn’t have any brown tissue paper, so that is construction paper but the yellow and orange are tissue paper.  Hailey started out making a pattern around her plate (this will be the mane).

Then she decided she just wanted to add a bunch of pieces.

You’ll need these pieces for the lion’s face- a yellow diamond for the head, 2 yellow circles for ears, an orange triangle for the nose, black rectangles for whiskers and wiggle eyes.

Hailey putting the face together.

Then she glued the face onto the plate.

The finished lion.

Bring the Fun Inside


We have been having some really cold temperatures lately and Hailey has really been wanting to play in the snow.  But it’s just been too cold to even be outside.  So, I brought the snow inside.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

I put some towels down and gave Hailey one bin full of snow and an empty bin.  I also gave her some cups and spoons for digging.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

We later added some cars and people to the snow.  And Hailey wanted to see what the snow felt like with her bare hands.  We were going to make a snowman but it was not snowman building snow, so we’ll have to try that another time.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

When we finished playing with the snow we put some snow in one of the cups and kept an eye on it for the rest of the day.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

A little while later there was still a little bit of snow left but most of it had melted.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

The next time we checked our cup the snow was gone and it was all water.  Hailey said, “Ooooo.  The snow melted and turned to water!”

Randy the Raindrop


Adventures of Randy the Raindrop

Randy the raindrop lived in a cloud
the heat from the sun made him big, strong, and proud!
He got bigger and bigger until one day – Oh My!
He fell through the floor of his house in the sky!
Randy was scared, then he noticed more raindrops falling,
“Hey Randy, isn’t this fun?” they were calling
Then onto a leaf with a splash Randy fell,
and what happened next is a strange thing to tell.

Randy was made up of water, you know,
a part of him went to help the tree grow.
The rest of him went into a puddle so round,
then the sun came out and shone on the ground.

The sun warmed Randy and he started to change,
He became water vapour – My isn’t that strange?
Little drops of water, too tiny to see
Floated into the sky- yes that was Randy!

Randy’s home once again was a cloud in the sky,
He was a raindrop once more, but then by and by…
The sun made him bigger and bigger and then….
He fell through the floor of his house once again!

(This is from one of my Mailbox magazines)

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