A Blustery Day

We’ve been talking about weather this week and how the weather in March can be like a lion or a lamb.  We talked about how windy the weather can be sometimes.  I saw a pinwheel over at Preschool Playbook and decided we should make it to help Hailey understand wind.

First you need a square piece of paper.  Put an X through the piece of paper.  In the middle, I drew a circle around a nickel.

Then Hailey colored both sides of the piece of paper.  After she finished coloring, I cut on the lines, stopping at the edge of the circle.  Next you have to bend every other corner towards the middle of the paper.

When you have the four pieces in the middle, take a straight pin and push it through all four pieces.  Then push the pin into the eraser on an unsharpened pencil.

Hailey loved her pinwheel!

Science Sunday

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One comment on “A Blustery Day

  1. Ticia on said:

    Your captcha code really hates me.

    Here goes try 5. I love her pinwheel. My kids would love to make one.

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