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The Spotted Cow


Continuing with our farm theme, we made a cow this week.

We used a paper plate, various pieces to glue onto the cow and a glue stick.  I drew eyes onto the plate ahead of time.

I let Hunter check out the plate, which he thought was a lot of fun.

I put glue on the back of the spots and then let Hunter put them onto the plate.  He seemed to like the stickiness.

Then he added the nose/mouth.  I added the ears and horns.

The finished cow.

Wooly Sheep


Hunter has been learning all about one of his favorite things- farm animals.  So today we made a cute little sheep.

Here’s what you’ll need: paper plate, cotton, glue and cut outs for head, legs, tail and eyes.

I let Hunter explore and play with the cotton for a little while.  He loved it!

Hailey was off from school for MLK day and so Hunter was showing her his cotton balls.  He had so much fun playing with them and of course, throwing them on the floor.

Next I put glue all over the paper plate (I used a glue stick so it wouldn’t be too messy) and I let Hunter check that out.  He wasn’t too sure about his hands sticking to the plate.

I showed him how to stick the cotton balls onto the paper plate and then he copied me.  He would put a piece on and then use 2 of his fingers to pat it down.  It was too cute.

He was having so much fun!  I didn’t get a picture, but I put the sheep’s face together and then put glue on the back and let Hunter put it where he wanted it on his plate.

Hailey wanted to make one too, so here she is working on the face for her sheep.

The finished wooly sheep (Hunter’s is on the top and Hailey’s is on the bottom).

Cute Leprechaun


I saw this cute paper plate leprechaun over at Moments of Mommyhood and decided we should make it too.

First Hailey painted a paper plate.

Once the paint was dry she put on some eyes, nose and a mouth.  Then she added a beard.

Hailey added a gold buckle to the hat.

Our finished leprechaun

A few other things:

Hailey also did a little cutting practice using this printable from Musings of Me.

Hailey used her do-a-dot markers to make a rainbow.

After she made the rainbow she counted how many dots there were of each color and wrote the numbers.  Then she decided that red had the most.

Paper Plate Apple


Here is a very simple apple craft:

We were supposed to use a paper plate but when we went to do the craft I realized that all of our paper plates were gone.  So I cut a circle out of a cardboard box and that worked just fine.

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

Hailey tore up a piece of red construction paper and glued it onto the “paper plate.”

Our Crafts ~N~ Things

She added two green leaves and here is our finished apple.

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