Painting With Farm Animals

I decided to be brave and let Hunter have his first experience at painting.  So, one day before he turned 13 months he painted for the first time.

We used paint, card stock, a paper plate and some farm animals.  Also, not pictured is tape.
I taped the card stock to the table so it would stay in place for Hunter.  I put a tiny bit of paint on the paper plate and then rubbed the bottom of the animals in the paint and then showed Hunter how to use it to stamp the paint on the paper.

When Hunter realized what he was doing he was quite pleased.

He worked for a little while and then ripped the paper off the table 🙂

I re-secured the paper and then he painted some more.

He stopped to yell “Hay-Yee” which is how he says Hailey.  I think he wanted her to come and see what he was doing, but she was at school.

Of course he had to check out his hands and see what was on them.

Overall it was actually a lot of fun.  I only gave him a tiny bit of paint, so it didn’t really get messy at all.  He just had a little on his hands, but that was the only place he got it on himself.  The picture he made turned out adorable and is hanging on our refrigerator 🙂

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