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It’s been a while since I posted about what Hailey has been up to.  And these pictures are actually from quite a while ago.  Anyway, as I always say- it’s time to catch up on my posts!  Maybe this summer I really will get caught up.

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 Hailey has been studying US Geography this year.  She started out using Road Trip USA but we have changed curriculum since then.

Our Crafts N Things

 Hailey was working on part of the lapbook for Road Trip USA.  We both really enjoyed the curriculum, but we stopped using it because it was a bit more involved than what I wanted to use right now.

We have been studying US History this year and Hailey has completed a lot of fun projects to go along with our lessons.

Our Crafts N Things

 She learned about Jamestown and built this model of what it was like.  A group of men, boys, and sailors came from England and founded Jamestown- named after King James I.  They built Fort James in a triangular shape.  There were houses, a church, and a storehouse which were all protected by wooden walls.  In time they learned how to plant crops and hunt game in the woods.  As the settlement grew there were houses built outside the fort walls.  (The model is from Easy Make & Learn Projects Colonial America.)

Our Crafts N Things

Hailey also learned what a typical colonial village was like.  She drew a picture of what she thought represented a colonial village.

Our Crafts N Things

On the back of her drawing she glued this information about colonial villages.  (Colonial Village activity is from History Pockets Colonial Life)

I have lots more fun history activities coming up to share, so be sure to check back!

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