Some More Easter Fun

We have been doing Easter activities each day this week, and the kids have been having a lot of fun learning all about Easter.  I posted earlier this week about the Easter activities we had done so far.  Here are the rest of the activities we did:

Our Crafts N Things

Hailey read another version of the Easter story from another children’s Bible that we have.

Our Crafts N Things

We put painters tape in the shape of a cross on some paper and then the kids painted.

Our Crafts N Things

Once they were dry we took the tape off, and these are the completed pictures.

Our Crafts N Things

We also made resurrection rolls.  We pretended that the marshmallow was Jesus.  We rolled the marshmallow in butter and then a cinnamon sugar mixture, which represented the oil and spices they would have put on the body of Jesus after he died.

Our Crafts N Things

Then we wrapped the marshmallow up in a crescent roll, making sure to seal all of the edges really well.

Our Crafts N Things

Then we baked the rolls.  This symbolized Jesus being in the tomb for 3 days.

Once they were done cooking, we took the rolls out, and cut them open…

Our Crafts N Things

The roll was empty- just like the tomb!

Our Crafts N Things

Then the kids made pictures of the tomb with the stone rolled away.

Happy Easter!!

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