Desert Scene

We have been continuing our study of different habitats around the world and the animals that live in those habitats.  Our latest stop was the desert.  We learned about where the deserts are located, the weather in the desert, the animals that live in the desert and their classifications and what kind of food they eat.

Our Crafts N Things

 One of the animals we learned about was the camel.  We did a little demonstration to learn why camels have such big feet.  First, Hailey took a small circle of cardboard and pushed it into some sand.  It sunk right down into the sand.

Our Crafts N Things

Then she tried the same thing with a larger cardboard cut out, representing a camel’s large foot.  It did not sink into the sand, just like camels feet do not sink into the desert sand.

Our Crafts N Things

Hailey also created a representation of the desert.  She mixed some white and brown paint to create a sand color.  Then she mixed in some sand to give it some texture.

Our Crafts N Things

As we learned about different plants and animals, Hailey added them to her poster.

Our Crafts N Things

 Hailey’s completed desert scene.

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